Maybe Former New York Times Editors Should Not Write For the NYT

Hamilton Nolan · 11/26/12 09:41AM

There's a hidden curse to being a current or former top editor at the New York Times. Yes, you've held one of the most powerful positions in journalism. But who is going to edit you? Nobody, not very stringently, at least. So we find that when current or former NYT editors engage in writing for their paper, it often could have used a heavy round of editing, into the trashcan.

Anne Applebaum's Freaking Car Explodes

Hamilton Nolan · 12/07/09 09:22AM

Washington Post columnist Anne Applebaum is A) married to a high-ranking Polish politician, and B) critical of Russia's shady government, which makes it—in the most general way—kind of alarming that her car blew up yesterday. [Update: She's okay!]