Who Doesn't Want a Reality TV Show?

cityfile · 07/15/09 02:33PM

Fabiola Beracasa isn't the only social butterfly looking for a little reality TV stardom. (She may be the only one with an actual deal in hand, though.) Fashion Week Daily dropped the news this afternoon that Tinsley Mortimer approached the CW recently about hosting a show about "life as a socialite divorcée"—and the CW passed! (Au contraire, says the Tinz; various networks have been approaching her about doing something, but she's been forced to turn them all down because she values her privacy.)

Social Networking For Socialites

cityfile · 07/01/09 09:16AM

BusinessWeek conducted a little investigation recently and discovered that while a number of prominent CEOs have joined social networking sites like Facebook and LinkedIn over the past few years, very few had managed to make many friends. What about New York's population of socialites and do-nothing fameseekers? Naturally, they have no trouble making friends when it comes to Facebook. But that isn't the case with business-centric LinkedIn, where many of them lead lonely online existences and—worst of all—they've been forced to actually fill something in under the headers "job title" and "employer." How can you possibly be expected to have either if you spend your days sleeping and your evenings out at parties? A few examples—including Annabel Vartanian and Alex McCord (left)—after the jump.

Devorah Rose, Fabulist Extraordinaire

cityfile · 12/31/08 12:46PM

This week marked the debut of The City, the New York-centric MTV reality show that follows Whitney Port flitting around town with her fellow DVF "co-worker" Olivia Palermo. New York honored the grand occasion with a feature by David Amsden, who observed that Palermo isn't the only fixture on the social scene who has been in search of reality TV stardom. There's also Deborah Trachtenberg—otherwise known as Devorah Rose—the "26-year-old editor of Social Life magazine, who recently sold an idea (currently called Social Heights) to ABC about the lives of her and her close friends, the publicist Kristian Laliberte and diamond heiress Annabel Vartanian." Props to Devorah for managing to squeeze two lies by New York's factcheckers in the same sentence. She's actually 29, not 26. And the sale of that reality TV concept? Well, that came as news to ABC, who said they'd never even heard of the show.