New York Post Kills Scoop on Kushner Connection to Manhattan Madam

John Cook · 04/26/12 06:12PM

in 2007, real estate mogul Charles Kushner—father to New York Observer owner Jared Kushner and father-in-law to Trumpspawn Ivanka Trump—attended a business meeting accompanied by executives from Kushner Properties. At the other end of the table was none other than Anna Gristina, known these days as the Manhattan Madam.

Post Prick Pals With Primo Prostitute Chick

John Cook · 03/29/12 02:59PM

Well, well, well. It turns out that the Col Allan, the New York Post's penis-rubbing, stripper-loving editor-in-chief, enjoys a very chummy relationship with Anna Gristina, the alleged Manhattan Madam whose recent arrest is spreading panic amongst her reportedly A-list client list. And in a stunning instance of New York news omerta, Allan's archrival the New York Daily News knew all about the relationship but sat on it for weeks.