Meet Katia Zatuliveter, Britain's Very Own Sexy Alleged Spy

Max Read · 12/06/10 12:01AM

A 25-year-old parliamentary aide was arrested by British authorities on Thursday, and currently faces deportation. For spying! Yes, only a few months after it was cool to have a sexy Russian sleeper agent, the U.K. finally gets their own.

Sexy Spy Anna Chapman Spotted In Kazakhstan

Jeff Neumann · 10/08/10 04:21AM

You've probably been wondering where super hot Russian spy Anna Chapman has been, right? Well, she was spotted today at a cosmodrome in Kazakhstan for the launch of the Russian Soyuz spacecraft, which is carrying Russians and Americans into space.

Sexy Spy's Booty-Popping Photo Shoot Ends in Lawsuit

Maureen O'Connor · 08/26/10 04:03PM

Former Russian spy Anna Chapman posed for a Russian laddie mag, displaying her globular breasts and startlingly spherical rear end in photos and on video. Then she posted the pictures on Facebook. And now she's getting sued for it.