Reminder: Ann Coulter Is a Troll

Hamilton Nolan · 07/01/14 08:47AM

Lanky Aryan Ann Coulter was on TV yesterday smiling gleefully about the fact that her recent column on soccer being a dumb, un-American sport provoked a tidal wave of outraged responses in the media. Her glee is perfectly justified.

Here Is a Collection of Twitter Trolls Teaching Photoshop to Ann Coulter

Adam Weinstein · 05/12/14 11:20AM

Ann Coulter's bullshit conservative troll game is slipping. In her zeal to land a jab against... Twitter? Michelle Obama? Nigerian schoolgirls?... she opened a door for her detractors, and they jumped through it with a two-leg flying kick of Photoshop fury.

Rich Juzwiak · 10/16/12 10:05AM

Does Ann Coulter still have the power to upset people with her trolling? The answer is, unsurprisingly, yes.

Ann Coulter's 'Douche Bag' Too Edgy for Morning Joe

Max Read · 11/29/11 10:40AM

The first question you probably asked yourself when you got out of bed this morning was probably, "What insightful opinions can Ann Coulter share with me today?" And now you'll never now, thanks to the oppressive "douche bags" at Morning Joe, who bleeped out about 13 seconds of Coulter's hilariously edgy political commentary:

Ann Coulter Defends Her Claim That 'Conservative Blacks Are Better Than Liberal Blacks'

Matt Cherette · 11/02/11 01:52AM

On Sunday night, Ann Coulter appeared on Sean Hannity's Fox News show and while speaking about conservative African Americans, Coulter said, "Our blacks are so much better than their blacks." Naturally, Coulter's remarks didn't sit well with many. But when she was challenged by Joy Behar tonight, Coulter wasn't about to apologize: "Ours are more impressive, there is no question about that," she said, before adding that "the only racism you hear in America these days is against conservative blacks." A clip of the interview is above.

Coulter: 'Our Blacks Are So Much Better Than Their Blacks'

Max Read · 10/31/11 11:22PM

Whose blacks are the best blacks? Ann Coulter knows: "Our blacks are so much better than their blacks," she tells Sean Hannity while discussing Herman Cain and the sexual harassment allegations he's facing. "Our," of course, being conservatives (and not, say, the Coulter family); "their," meanwhile, referring to liberals. And why bother even paying attention to boring old Ann Coulter? Because she has the best blacks. Duh.

Sarah Palin's Diehard Supporters Are Scaring Republican Pundits

Jim Newell · 09/07/11 11:35AM

Nobody wants Sarah Palin to run for president, except for every Democratic political operative and a persistent twenty-ish percent of the Republican electorate who only want her. Of course, she probably won't. But Republican pundits really want her to clarify that decision soon, if only to silence her supremely irritating fans.

Ann Coulter Dodging Questions About Her Age: Strangely Thrilling

Maureen O'Connor · 06/09/11 01:43PM

Watching Ann Coulter antagonize black people and 9/11 widows is, at this point, pretty boring. Watching Ann Coulter answer questions about her age, though? Strangely thrilling. Here's Piers Morgan quizzing the razor-boned pipe cleaner about the time she dropped two years from her age.

Ann Coulter to Bill O'Reilly: 'Radiation Is Actually Good for You'

Matt Cherette · 03/17/11 08:29PM

On tonight's Factor, Bill O'Reilly welcomed controversial conservative talking head Ann Coulter on to discuss the nuclear crisis currently unfolding in Japan. For some reason, Coulter—pretty adamantly—wanted to let us know that radiation is good for us!

How to Be a Famous Right-Wing Media Lady

Adrian Chen · 10/10/10 01:33PM

The New York Times this weekend profiles two female conservative commentators at very different points in their careers: crazy Upper East Side islamophobic blogger Pamela Geller, and crazy Ann Coulter. What can aspiring female right-wing blowhards learn from their stories?