This Trailer for The Smurfs Will Ruin Your Childhood

Matt Cherette · 03/10/11 10:32PM

Here's the first official trailer for The Smurfs, the Niel Patrick Harris-starring live-action (and partially animated, too, duh) big screen version of the hugely popular '80s TV series. So, how's it look? Well... bad. In fact, very, very bad. Oy.

"Springfield of Tomorrow" is Revealed on The Simpsons

Matt Cherette · 03/14/10 07:27PM

Tonight, The Simpsons opened with a tongue-in-cheek look at the "Springfield of Tomorrow," seen through the eyes of a '60s era educational film. Gone are buses and subway rides, and in are plutonium-powered cars—with robot claws! Video inside.