Fox & Friends Scared the Piss out of This Poor Li'l Alligator

Jay Hathaway · 05/19/15 09:07AM

To mark Animal Planet’s “Monster Week,” a small alligator visited Fox and Friends, where an encounter with some real life monsters frightened her so badly that she pissed herself, splashing “gatorade” all over the set floor.

Is Animal Planet Real?

Kate Bennert · 05/31/13 04:35PM

This week's re-airing of the fake documentary Mermaids: The Body Found followed by the premier of yet another fake-documentary Mermaids: The New Evidence, has relaunched an internet conversation about whether or not mermaids are real (they are) and whether or not the documentary is "real" (it's not, Animal Planet is fucking with you). But no one seems to be asking the right question: "Is Animal Planet real?" New programming suggests it's not, and might instead be a figment of our cultural imagination. In fact, it's possible that Animal Planet with its shows about fake monsters, naughty animals, and gross bugs has just been trolling us all along. But let's take a look at the evidence:

Puppy Bowl Highlights Need for Year-Round Puppy Channel

Louis Peitzman · 02/05/12 04:48PM

For many of us, Super Bowl Sunday is less about the football and more about Animal Planet's Puppy Bowl — now in its eighth adorable year. As an alternative to the sports of it all, The Puppy Bowl is arguably (please don't argue with me on this) the greatest programming decision made by any network, ever. The puppies frolic as an announcer narrates the cuteness. At the end, viewers learn how to adopt the little MVPs. Really, it doesn't get any better.

All of the Adorable Action From This Year's Puppy Bowl

Whitney Jefferson · 02/07/11 12:06AM

While most of America was glued to Fox for the duration of the night, there were others of us that spent the evening watching cute little puppies playing on a fake football field. Not that we're complaining!

On the Job Croc Attack

Daniel Barnum-Swett · 04/30/10 03:14PM

Kids always want to grow up to be veterinarians, to play with all creatures great and small forever. That dream ends now thanks to Weird, True, and Freaky, which showed just how terrifying a day at the zoo can be.

So, How Cute Was This Year's Puppy Bowl?

Whitney Jefferson · 02/07/10 04:32PM

Only the cutest thing we've ever seen. We're not quite sure what the rules of play are, but the blimp was manned by hamsters, the cheerleaders were sleepy bunnies, and there was a kitty halftime show. Judge for yourself.

Coming Soon: Animal Planet's Pit Boss

Whitney Jefferson · 12/22/09 01:37PM

This promotional video for Pit Boss makes the show sound so completely ridiculous that I had to google it to believe it. This show actually exists in our current "golden age" of television? Obviously.