Animal Abuse Whistleblower Charged for Not Blowing Whistle Fast Enough

Neetzan Zimmerman · 11/25/13 03:08PM

An animal rights activist who spent the summer working undercover at a cattle ranch suspected of mistreating its animals has been charged with animal cruelty after blowing the whistle on the operation because it took her too long to report the abuse.

Chinese Tourists Snap Selfies with Dying Dolphin

Neetzan Zimmerman · 06/19/13 08:55AM

Tourists who stumbled onto a gravely injured dolphin while swimming off the coast of Sanya City in the Chinese province of Hainan are being blasted on local social networks for manhandling the distressed animal and posing with it for pictures in lieu of alerting wildlife authorities.

There Is a Possible Serial Cat Killer on the Loose, Which Is a Very Bad Sign

Camille Dodero · 02/15/13 05:40PM

Authorities in New York state's Putnam County area believe there's a "serial cat killer" at large. Earlier this week, a seven-month-old feline named Blackfoot died in the Westchester Animal Hospital, after the brown-and-black Calico was found beaten and shot in the spine. A mile away from the site of Blackfoot's shooting, a cat head was found last August.