Win a Date With Larval Lisa

Richard Lawson · 07/10/08 02:48PM

Because everyone loves her so very much, villainous Top Chef contestant Lisa Fernandes continues to lurk in the public eye. Now she's chumming it up with Time Out New York (and doing a PR solid for her employer, the annoying TriBeCa joint Mai House) by acting nice and teaching you, dear reader, how to cook five kick ass dishes for under $20. Which is funny, because we thought she didn't like poor people. Oh, plus you can enter a contest to win a free meal prepared by Lisa herself! Ew! Video of "Larval Lisa" (thanks, JDS) in action after the jump.

Ad Industry Anger Is A Valuable Commodity

Hamilton Nolan · 07/01/08 12:48PM

Some anonymous author is writing a book about how much the advertising industry sucks. Excuse me; it's about "where advertising is going." But he wants YOU, the insider, to tell him why the industry sucks. And he'll pay you $200 an hour to do it! Well, if your "half hour tops" of "the sewage that is in your head" makes the book, he'll give you 100 bucks, pro-rated. "Don't even edit it," he says. OR, you can send the same story to us, we'll pay you nothing, but the satisfaction of seeing it published here will be even more sensational! A good sideline for the creative soul considering quitting the wicked industry for good. The full Craigslist ad from the lazy muckraker, after the jump:

Top Chef's Lisa May Be As Bad As We Think

Richard Lawson · 05/22/08 12:16PM

Joshua David Stein, foodie and blogger, was none too kind about annoying old Lisa in his Top Chef recap this morning. Is she really an insufferable annoyance, full of negativity and back-stabbery? According to our readers, yes! One tipster seconds Josh's emotion, saying that Lisa is "sour and just generally pissed off." Well, all right then! Won't argue with you there. Full tipster email after the jump.

Clubs Overrun With Angry Midgets

Hamilton Nolan · 05/13/08 09:40AM

Hulking literary doorman Rob the Bouncer's assertion: short guys (or "Wee 'Pocket Men,'" as he eloquently puts it) flock to clubs, where they start more trouble than normal-sized men because of their little Napoleon complexes. "All I see, all night long, is all these angry little dudes coming up here. I feel bad for them. Sometimes I want to bend down and say, 'Hey little fella, what's the matter? Why don't you go inside and turn that frown around?'" Ok, we'll give you that one. It's true. Another good reason to leave the club to the bouncers, while the short guys visit the homes of the bouncers' girlfriends for surreptitious assignations! What now, giant? [Clublife]