The Cartwheeling Verger and Other Stars of the Royal Wedding

Max Read · 04/30/11 09:37AM

Who was the little girl holding her ears on the balcony? Where are Kate and Will going on their honeymoon? And why can't Angelina "Trashbags" Pivarnick be as happy as those two? Saturday gossip is wearing lace sleeves.

Jersey Shore's Angelina Got in a Fight in a Mall Hot Topic

Max Read · 10/30/10 10:20AM

Angelina picks a fight with rowdy teens. Capri Anderson picks a fight with Charlie Sheen. And a Nazi (at least, a guy who played one) picks a fight with Oprah. Saturday gossip will get you kicked out of the mall.

Meet Deena Nicole, Jersey Shore's New Guidette

Maureen O'Connor · 07/28/10 04:40PM

Meet Deena Nicole Cortese, a 23-year-old friend of Snooki's from New Egypt, New Jersey. According to her defunct MySpace profile (don't worry, we've got screenshots) she is "ADDiCTiVE & ExPENiIV3 LiK3 COCAiNE!" She is America's newest court jester.