Listen to Angelina From Jersey Shore's New Song Called "I'm Hot"

Whitney Jefferson · 11/12/10 05:28PM

There's nothing like a terribly-written song performed by a trashy reality star to kick off the weekend. So, we present to you Angelina Pivarnick's "I'm Hot" — which includes the lyrics "Step off bitch, or I'll punch your face." Enjoy!

Jersey Shore: Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Ohhhh Canada!

Zach Mack · 10/01/10 01:45AM

You'll never believe what happened on this week's Jersey Shore: People got drunk! People had promiscuous sex with exotic foreigners! Friends became enemies, and enemies stayed enemies! Is anyone keeping track anymore? Not Angelina, because she finally left!

How Much Racist Ranting Does It Take to End Mel Gibson's Career?

Adrian Chen · 07/10/10 09:26AM

Mel Gibson gets dropped by his talent agency. Ryan Seacrest picks up the tab. Lindsay Lohan won't be able to smoke in prison. James Franco dishes on fake sex with Julia Roberts. Saturday's gossip roundup looks like a Vegas Whore.

How Jersey Shore Ruined One Girl's Life

Brian Moylan · 03/11/10 04:06PM

Angelina "Trash Bags" left Jersey Shore after three episodes. Even that short stint in the house has ruined her life, though: Three of her former cast mates have threatened her life and DJ Paulie D blew her off. Tragedy!

Hollywood PlagueWatch II: Shiloh's Mystery Disease

mark · 06/02/06 04:39PM

The suspicious birth of Suri Cruise was met with a local outbreak of the bubonic plague, so we can't say we're all that surprised that another monumental celebrity infant arrival was met with a fresh wave of pestilence. The death toll should stop at three, however, as Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie rush to the outbreak site, knowing that exposure to the Chosen One will immediately cure those afflicted with the mystery disease.