Sarah Hedgecock · 03/10/14 03:53PM

[Claudia Breidbach, right, demonstrates a bionic hand that is steerable by a mobile phone to German Chancellor Angela Merkel and British Prime Minister David Cameron during the opening day of the computer fair CeBIT in Hannover, Germany, on Monday. Image via Frank Augstein/AP.]

Angela Merkel Presents Hillary Clinton With Photo of Their Midsections

Jim Newell · 06/07/11 02:36PM

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is on a state visit to the United States, and earlier today she held a press conference with prominent American leaders like Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. She came bearing a gift for her old pal Hillary, too — a framed German newspaper with a picture of their midsections, allowing readers to compare. Uh... thanks, Merk? It's that old Prussian sense of humor about ladies' hips, we guess. Germans are nuts. Anyway, Hilldawg got a good laugh out of it.

German Chancellor Gets Criminal Complaint for Praising Bin Laden's Death

Jim Newell · 05/06/11 03:51PM

For those of you rejoicing in bloodlust over Osama bin Laden's death, a piece of advice: Don't go to Germany! They have this bizarre cultural thing about dancing on peoples' graves with blood pouring out of your mouth. And it's entrenched enough that German Chancellor Angela Merkel's statement about being "glad" to hear about bin Laden's death has become a major national scandal, even landing her a criminal complaint from a Hamburg judge today.

Sheila Bair's Consolation Prize

cityfile · 08/20/09 10:33AM

Sheila Bair, the head of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, may not be worthy of coverage in the eyes of Vogue editor Anna Wintour. But maybe she can take some comfort from Forbes' new "100 Most Powerful Women" list. Bair comes in at No. 2, right behind German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who nabbed the top spot for the fourth straight year. [Forbes, NYDN]