Lacey Donohue · 11/13/13 11:45PM

[Andy Warhol's 1963 painting titled "Silver Car Crash (Double Disaster)" sold for $105 million Wednesday at an auction in New York City. The sale occurred amid a "spending frenzy at the high end of the art world." Yes, yes it did. Image via Sotheby's]

'Orgy of the Rich' Actually Pretty Awkward

Maureen O'Connor · 02/17/11 12:35PM

A group of protesters staged an "Orgy of the Rich" at Sotheby's auction house last night. To protest the British government cutting funds to arts programs, the sexy hooligans pulled a fire alarm and started moaning during the auction of a Warhol, unfurling a scarlet banner labeled "ORGY OF THE RICH," thereby disproving everything I learned by watching Eyes Wide Shut on Netflix last week. After the orgiastic poors were removed from the premises, everyone applauded and the auction began anew. The Warhol canvas sold for $5.09 million. [AnimalNY, NYT]

A $1 Million Manhattan Art Heist

Adrian Chen · 12/23/10 11:30PM

Some rich New Yorkers are missing a lot of fancy art: In November, thieves carved a hole into the wall of a Greenwich Village apartment from the hallway, disabled cameras and made off with nearly $1 million in modern art.

Keep Your Art Thievery Separate from Your Day Job

cityfile · 11/24/09 09:32AM

If your boss invites you over to his/her apartment for a birthday party or holiday soirée, you probably shouldn't consider leaving the function with pieces of your employer's art work under your arm. Especially if it's a work by Andy Warhol and the iconic artist personally gave it to your boss in the 1960s. Chances are your boss will notice that it's gone missing and will eventually track you down and make sure you go to jail. [ARTINFO, Bloomberg]

Who Stole Andy Warhol?

Foster Kamer · 09/12/09 12:30PM

Big Trouble in West L.A: Ten Andy Warhol paintings depicting athletes were cat burgled from the house of rich L.A. businessman and art collector Richard Weisman. Involved are a housekeeper/nanny, an anonymous $1M reward, and 70s model Cheryl Tiegs. What?

'I Had Radio in My Teeth!': When Spielberg Met Warhol

STV · 12/30/08 02:31PM

The accompanying video really requires no comment beyond a statement of its simple, almost otherworldly concept: Andy Warhol interviews Steven Spielberg. On a hotel bed. Bianca Jagger looks on. And something is swallowed.

Phillips de Pury Sale Comes Up Short

cityfile · 11/14/08 07:57AM

You would think that after the dismal performances of the contemporary art sales at Christie's and Sotheby's earlier this week, sellers might recognize the need to reduce reserve prices if they were to have any hope of selling anything. At Phillips de Pury & Co.'s auction last night, estimates set before the markers unraveled remained in place, despite the fact that the auction house had tried to persuade people that the figures were now too optimistic. Sellers "had a luxury of eight years of the climbing prices,'' said Phillips senior partner Michael McGinnis. "They were not receptive.''

Auction Houses Try And Fail To Sell Famous Paintings

Alex Carnevale · 10/27/08 03:45PM

An Andy Warhol painting that Sotheby's hoped would auction for over $10 million netted just $7.6 million at auction over the weekend, and the work of several high profile artists including Jeff Koons, Jean-Michel Basquiat and Gerhard Richter went unsold at London's Frieze Art Fair. Auction houses are making brave sounds, but the declining economy has only begun to take its toll, a reality that has forced houses and collectors to look elsewhere.Christie's postwar and contemporary sale at Sunday's Frieze Art Fair managed just $55.5 million, against an expected $100 million to $132 million, with almost half the lots going unsold. Sotheby's sale the Friday before netted $38 million against pre-auction estimates of $54 million to $75 million, reported the WSJ. The featured piece in the Sotheby's auction was the assemblage of Warhol's Skulls series and it netted more than a million less than its lowest estimate. This was probably because it only had one bidder, collector and dealer Jose Mugrabi, who quipped, "I feel safer with Warhol than with U.S. Treasury bonds.'' Mugrabi's son Alberto doesn't agree. He told Bloomberg News why he passed on a different Warhol in the auction:

Warholization Of Drudge's Terrifying Hillary Montage

Ryan Tate · 05/08/08 07:03PM

Animal New York ran Matt Drudge's montage of horrifying Hillary Clinton pics through something called the Warhol Art Maker, and the result is the glorious piece of art above. Not bad, eh? Or at least, you know, something that won't haunt your nightmares for eternity, which is an improvement. Even Obama supporters might like to frame and hang this, assuming Clinton drops out as the punditocracy near-unanimously says she will soon do, to fondly remember the good old days. [Animal]

Would Andy Warhol Have Satisfied His Magazine's New Dress Code?

Ryan Tate · 04/24/08 08:06PM

Pictured at left is Andy Warhol with muse Edie Sedgwick in her "notorious... uniform" of black tights and loose-fitting shirt. That outfit is now unwelcome at the magazine Warhol co-founded, Interview, operated alongside two other titles by Brant Publications. A recent memo to Brant staff, occasioned doubt by Gotham's recent burst of warm weather, scolded that shorts had to be above the knee, "of the type that would be acceptable on a golf course," while "tights are not permitted at any time as a substitute for pants." Full dress code letter after the jump.

Attention Ladies: at 75, You Might Still Be a "Wild Child"

Sheila · 02/20/08 12:04PM

Drinking and slutting your way through your twenties on the downtown artclub scene? Party on! But listen, if you get famous, your NYT obituary will most definitely remember you as a wild one. Like Dorothy Podber, "artist and trickster", whose obit ran today. The first sentence tags her as "wild child of the New York art scene in the 1950s and '60s who is probably best known for brandishing a pistol and putting a bullet through the forehead of Marilyn Monroe's likenesses on a stack of Andy Warhol's paintings." That's a helluva reputation, sugar!

Longtime 'Interview' Editor Ingrid Sischy Out At Magazine

Maggie · 01/10/08 02:45PM

Is this the end of days? We're hearing that Interview editrix Ingrid Sischy left the title yesterday. She was a downtown publishing fixture, if a minor one, known mainly for her famous friends from an earlier New York era, like Robert Mapplethorpe, Calvin Klein, Elton John and the Versaces. True to the mission of the magazine, she interviewed them at length, often at excessive length. More background, after the jump.