The Twitterati Have Major Problems

Owen Thomas · 01/21/09 07:13PM

What is it with media people? Twitter seems to drive them to reveal what their readers always suspected: They're all a bit dysfunctional, each in his or her own special way. Especially Julia Allison!

Tim Faulkner · 10/11/07 12:16PM

Expressing frustration with the seemingly routine outages of microblogging service Twitter, tech journalist Andy Ihnatko warns, "I have written down a number. The (x)th time I see Twitter's 'Whoops! Something went wrong!' page, I'm switching so something else for good." [Twitter]

Andy Ihnatko comes out as a fake Fake Steve

Owen Thomas · 07/24/07 02:09PM

Call off the virtual dogs: Andy Ihnatko has gracefully taken himself out of the running for secret writer of The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs. I'd like to say it was the cunning interview I conducted with Ihnatko, but Ihnatko proved more cunning than me, throwing me off the scent by hiding a piece of Fake Steve trivia he actually knew. In the pages of Macworld, however, Ihnatko is unequivocal in his denials, and I believe him. So with Ihnatko revealed as a fake Fake Steve, it's back to hunting for the real Fake Steve. I have one hot but hard-to-believe tip that I'm pursuing, but I always welcome more.

Andy Ihnatko grants a fake interview

Owen Thomas · 07/18/07 11:39AM

Months after Valleywag named Mac columnist and book author Andy Ihnatko as a possible writer of The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs, people have started fingering him as Fake Steve Jobs, the pretend Apple CEO, again, based on nothing more than some skimpy IP-address data. My pesky journalist instincts kicked in: Why not actually ask him? My lazy blogger instincts kicked in: Why not just do an IMterview? So I did. He warned me that he wouldn't give me any real answers about Fake Steve. And he delivered on that promise. But even so, I came away doubting that he's FSJ. A transcript of our AIM conversation follows.

Andy Ihnatko, faux Apple CEO?

Owen Thomas · 07/16/07 09:30AM

Is Andy Ihnatko Fake Steve Jobs? Valleywag was the first to name him publicly as a candidate for writing the faux diary of Apple CEO Steve Jobs, but now Ihnatko is being fingered again, thanks to a needlessly elaborate Internet sting. Could the longtime Mac columnist be the man behind the curtain?