Tom Scocca · 04/26/13 01:26PM

"When you see the headline 'Courageous Senators Stand Up to American People' or 'Facebook Unveils New Waste of Time,' you know you’re reading Andy Borowitz." Can't argue with that.

Joke so Unfunny Even Andy Borowitz Regrets Tweeting It

Adrian Chen · 08/13/12 03:28PM

NEW YORK, NY. (The Borowitz Report Report)—Hack New Yorker satirist Andy Borowitz left the internet stunned this afternoon by deleting a joke from his Twitter account—presumably after realizing it was not funny. Has Andy Borowitz developed standards?

Andy Borowitz Writes Hilarious Article About N.R.A.

Adrian Chen · 07/23/12 12:05PM

NEW YORK, NY. (The Borowitz Report Report)—A brilliant beam of sun broke through the clouds of tragedy this weekend when New Yorker humorist wrote a hilarious satirical news article pegged to the Aurora, Colorado theater shooting.

Legendary Magazine The New Yorker Will Now Host Humorous Satire Blog 'Borowitz Report'

Max Read · 07/18/12 09:41AM

"The Borowitz Report," a satirical news website written by Andy Borowitz, will now be hosted on the website of The New Yorker, the legendary weekly magazine that once published James Thurber and Dorothy Parker. Borowitz, unsurprisingly, has been a long-time contributor to "Shouts and Murmurs"; now, as a flagship blogger for the website, he'll join Malcolm Gladwell, David Denby, Jonah Lehrer and Adam Gopnik as one of the magazine's best-known names.

America Is Tired of Rush Limbaugh

Hamilton Nolan · 05/24/11 02:00PM

In your tragic Tuesday media column: Rush Limbaugh's ratings tank, Andy Borowitz is plagiarized, Bloomberg View is set to launch, today's Adweek argument, and you online readers of the NYT aren't worth jack.

Happy Birthday

cityfile · 01/04/10 06:33AM

Michael Stipe turns 50 today. Actress Julia Ormond is turning 45. Comedian/satirist Andy Borowitz is 52. Director Harmony Korine (Kids, Gummo) turns 37. Presidential historian and author Doris Kearns Goodwin is turning 67. Comic actor Dave Foley (NewsRadio) is turning 47. And retired football coach Don Shula is 80 today.

Happy Birthday

cityfile · 01/02/09 07:34AM

Christy Turlington celebrates her 40th today. Taye Diggs is turning 37. Kate Bosworth is turning 26. Former Times reporter Judy Miller is 61. Loews CEO Jim Tisch is 56. Restaurateur Michael Lomonaco is turning 54. Marshall Rose, real estate developer and husband of Candice Bergen, is 72. Actress Paz Vega is 32. Cuba Gooding Jr. is 41. Former House speaker Dennis Hastert is 67. And Michael Bloomberg's mother, Charlotte, celebrates 100 today. Weekend birthdays after the jump.

Malcolm Gladwell v. Adam Gopnik

Joshua Stein · 11/13/07 12:10PM

Last night at Capitale, The Moth celebrated ten years of storytelling. Media polymath Kurt Andersen, Jewy comedian Andy Borowitz, Irish actor Gabriel Byrne, potter Jonathan Adler and Lili Taylor all sat at one table in the front. Harper's figurehead Lewis Lapham didn't show. The main event: The New Yorker's Adam Gopnik would engage in heated storytelling duel with co-worker Malcolm Gladwell. Real estate mini-mogul Adam Gordon sat at the same table as Garrison Keillor, who was there to receive the first-ever Moth Award Honoring the Art of the Raconteur. Keillor looks like Dwight Schrute from "The Office" and is much funnier in person than on his overly precious show. Also he spat chevre on my hands and I haven't washed them since. Nikola Tamindzic was there, drawn like a shutterbug to an event.

The Vagina Casuals

Pareene · 10/19/07 11:00AM

"The loss of my school-related stuff was huge, but a lot of my personal life was also archived on that laptop. I had all my photos, calendars and contact lists on that computer as well as a bunch of more quirky and obsessive things that helped me feel like I had a life and an existence (a record of every menstrual cycle for the last seven years, every love letter I'd ever written, an outline for a cheesy romance novel, an ongoing list of essay ideas I could use when I was finally done with graduate school hell and could pursue my passion, writing humor).
"Since You Asked",