What's the Best Way To Get a Drink At a Busy Bar?

Ken Layne · 09/19/13 04:30PM

An empty bar is best. You just pick a seat where there's light enough to read, and the bartender comes right over. Then there are the busy nights, when people crush around the bar three deep and getting a drink seems impossible. What kind of supernatural skills are necessary for getting a cocktail on a Saturday night?

Television's Greatest Robots: A Video Timeline

Anderson Evans · 11/09/10 11:30AM

Bask in the glory of man's metallic monstrosities! Sing the body electromagnetic! Feel the magnificence of network android denizens from Japan's cartoon contraptions to limey British borgs! These are television's most iconic artificial citizens, and you must watch them now!

This Is Not a Human Being

Matt Cherette · 10/27/10 04:53PM

Last year, news that Japanese company Koroko would start manufacturing ultra-realistic android fembots scintillated the world. This week, Koroko unveiled its first "Actroid-F" android, and let's just say that she—and her facial expressions—is insanely, creepily lifelike. Video inside.