The Very Bizarre Past of Andrew Zimmern

Remy Stern · 05/11/11 05:59PM

What was Bizarre Foods host Andrew Zimmern doing before he started eating bull testicles for a living? He was homeless and stealing old ladies' purses to fund his cocaine, heroin, and alcohol habit, that's what. [The Fix]

The Death of Bottle Service, Bizarre Foods

cityfile · 09/16/08 12:55PM

♦ Does the financial meltdown mean the end of bottle service in New York? [DBTH, Gawker, GNML]
♦ A new study shows that Food Network hosts are pretty lousy at following food safety guidelines; Paula Deen, FYI, is the worst. [Super Chef via Eater]
♦ Death & Co.'s David Kaplan has gone to court to stop his building's landlord from evicting the bar over noise violations. [NYO]
Anthony Bourdain enjoys eating "bootleg foods" like "illegal cheese." [Gothamist]
Bizarre Foods host Andrew Zimmern eats rancid cheese and fermented animal parts for a living and yet says he's never gotten sick on the job. [amNY]
♦ A new food magazine called Swallow is launching next month. [GS]
♦ Trader Joe's is opening its first Brooklyn outpost next Friday. [BP]

Alumni Report: Dalton Edition

cityfile · 07/08/08 12:45PM

Dalton was in the news last week when it was revealed that not a single graduating senior had landed a spot at Harvard. According to Page Six magazine, at Dalton's graduation ceremony last month, "one mom was heard muttering, 'I won't send my grandchildren here, that's for sure.'" Fret not, Dalton parents! A long list of notable people have walked the halls of the posh school, even a few people (like Arden Wohl, left) who don't seem to be famous for any other reason than for wearing unusual headgear and attending lots of parties. A list of other Dalton grads after the jump.