How Much Did The Pope Know About The Kiddie-touching Priest?

Jeff Neumann · 03/26/10 05:42AM

The Vatican is under fire for issuing statements that conflict with facts in a case involving a child molesting priest and the future Pope Benedict XVI in Germany in the 80's. Things aren't looking good for the Pope these days.

No, Chris Matthews, You Don't Get to Attack Politico

John Cook · 01/05/10 04:06PM

Matthews is one of the nation's chief practitioners of the narrative-constructing outrage-bait political journalism that Politico has perfected into a foul art, and he is one of the nation's chief distributors of its wares. In fact, he already knew the answer to his questions: It was provided by Newsweek's Mike Isikoff, who was a Hardball guest on December 30, when Matthews previewed his irritation with the Politico-Cheney axis:

What Is Going On in Iran, Then?

Pareene · 12/28/09 12:56PM

You were maybe too busy opening presents or seeing It's Complicated and eating Chinese food to read Andrew Sullivan this weekend, but you have probably heard that something is up in Iran.

Andrew Sullivan's Federal Pot Favors

Ryan Tate · 09/10/09 07:38PM

That frenetic political blogger Andrew Sullivan emerged as a loud proponent of marijuana legalization is no surprise; the Catholic gay British conservative is nothing if not idiosyncratic. What is odd is that federal prosecutors want to legalize Sullivan's pot bust.

Betsy McCaughey, Liar

Pareene · 08/14/09 02:22PM

Betsy McCaughey is a professional liar. She lies. The things she writes are untrue. They are not even "distortions." They are made-up. Everyone has known this for years and yet she was still allowed to derail the nation this month.

Happy Birthday

cityfile · 08/10/09 06:35AM

Fashion survivor Betsey Johnson turns 67 today. Real estate developer Harry Macklowe is turning 72. Actress Angie Harmon is 37. Author, political commentator and blogger Andrew Sullivan is turning 46. Model/actress Devon Aoki is turning 27. Rosanna Arquette is 50. Times art critic Roberta Smith is turning 62. Legendary federal judge Jack Weinstein is 88. Harriet Miers, who served as White House counsel under George W. Bush, is 64. Actor Justin Theroux turns 38. And Antonio Banderas celebrates his 49th birthday today.