Andrew Sullivan Is to Blame for Donald Trump

Tom Scocca · 05/04/16 09:29AM

“With Donald Trump as the GOP front-runner,” Andrew Sullivan wrote on Facebook on April 1, “it seems to me a civic duty to get engaged with this election.” Fifteen months after the seemingly inexhaustible commentator announced one of his periodic retreats from blogging—“to decompress and get healthy for a while”—he declared he was getting back into the opinion-having business, this time to do “long-form journalism,” for New York magazine.

Andrew Sullivan, Famous Blogger, Joins Magazine Named For City That Ruined Him

J.K. Trotter · 04/01/16 03:25PM

Andrew Sullivan, the political blogger who quit blogging over a year ago, has finally reappeared: According to this press release, he’ll be joining New York magazine as a “contributing editor covering politics and the larger culture.” Die-hard Sullivan fans may remember his epic relocation to, serial complaints about, and eventual departure from New York City—the glittering metropolis whose various industries and cultures serve as New York’s main editorial focus. We’re assuming the trauma of having the wrong couch delivered to his Chelsea apartment has subsided at least a little if Sullivan is knowingly associating with the city again.

The Dish Drafts: Unpublished Missives From the Andrew Sullivan Hack

Alex Pareene · 06/15/15 04:15PM

Ever since ur-blogger Andrew Sullivan retired from blogging in February, his fans and admirers (“SullyHeads,” as they’re not known) have wondered, “what’s Andrew Sullivan up to, right now?” and “what does Andrew Sullivan think about what is happening in the news lately?” Proving his doubters wrong, Sullivan has remained quiet since his last post in February. But earlier today there was a sign of life at his longtime blog, The Dish: A single post — a gif of a tumbleweed rolling along a dirt path — went live.

Andrew Sullivan Is Leaving New York City

Max Read · 11/01/13 02:35PM

A year after Hurricane Sandy hit our shores, tragedy strikes New York City again: pioneer blogger Andrew Sullivan is leaving. "I loved New York City with a passion," he writes today, "until I tried to live here."

The Vain Media Cynics of the NSA Story

Hamilton Nolan · 06/11/13 10:31AM

In the past week, we've witnessed the post-9/11 era's most comprehensive set of stories about the extent of the U.S. government's secret domestic spying programs. It's front page news worldwide. It's sparked a national debate over privacy and security. And some of our nation's most useless political pundits could not be more bored.

Andrew Sullivan's Stations of the Cross: New York's Ongoing Torture of the World's Best Blogger

Max Read · 02/21/13 03:00PM

Like a pioneer frontiersman, award-winning blogger Andrew Sullivan struck out last year from the civilized climes of Washington D.C. to settle amidst the ill-mannered squalor of New York City. Unsurprisingly for a man used to the refined urban atmosphere of our nation's capital, Sullivan has found himself repeatedly disappointed—in the manners of his fellow city dwellers, in the city's response to Hurricane Sandy, in his cell-phone reception, in Best Buy, in UPS, in the delivery service that brought his couch, and, perhaps worst of all, in the water temperature at the offices of the Daily Beast. And yet his travails continue. In a searing dispatch today, Sullivan addresses the latest New York City failing to try his patience and test his faith: his new home's barbershop infrastructure.

Bin Laden Saves DC Reporters From Annual Dose of Ridicule

Hamilton Nolan · 05/03/11 02:06PM

In your moody Tuesday media column: Bin Laden saves the White House press corps, HuffPo people moves, Andrew Sullivan's traffic, a missing Al-Jazeera reporter, and Michael Wolff speaks (some more).

Andrew Sullivan Loves the Release of a Good Document

John Cook · 04/28/11 03:05PM

Newsweek/Daily Beast celebupundit Andrew Sullivan really, really wants to see Trig Palin's birth certificate, thinks Obama should have released his earlier, and has lots of righteous things to say about how real reporters demand to see documents. Funny thing—we're trying to get documents about you, Andrew! Care to help?

What's a CIA For?

John Cook · 03/31/11 03:28PM

The Central Intelligence Agency is a fundamentally lawless organization that secretly influences events around the globe on behalf of the U.S. It turns out Obama has deployed its agents to Libya, and for some reason liberals are up in arms about it.