Reluctance and Distaste at The Webutante Ball

Foster Kamer · 06/06/09 03:00PM

Last night, the country's media-tech-social scene collided in something called The Webutante Ball. Instead of forging an alternate universe in a Big Bang-esque explosion, it thankfully existed for one evening atop the Empire Hotel. We braved it for you.

Andrew Krucoff Wins The Culture War

Hamilton Nolan · 07/18/08 10:51AM

Ladies and gentlemen, the proud new owner of the FSU Middlebrow Remix Version of Keith Gessen's All The Sad Young Literary Men is Andrew Krucoff-the former "Gawker Mascot" once fired by Conde Nast for leaking to this website. He was also recently called a "pussy" by the author in question, Keith Gessen! You can see the circle of life turning, turning. So what will become of this coveted and (we daresay) historic volume? All can now be revealed:

Your Twitter-Stalking Power List

Pareene · 05/16/08 11:41AM

Andew Krucoff asked Rex Sorgatz which Twitter feeds he should follow. If those names mean something to you, you may already be familiar with this list. (Which is, in Krucoff's words, "a little tech, a little New York, a little media and lots of girls, girls, girls.") If not, here are the Internet Glitteratti's most personal thoughts and dreams, expressed in 140 characters or less. After the jump, the 23 people you Tweet in heaven.

That Time You Met Krucoff Was Actually a Massive Paradigm Shift

Pareene · 03/05/08 06:33PM

Clay Shirky's Here Comes Everybody: The Power of Organizing Without Organizing is already set to be 2008's Gladwellian The Long Tailing Point Web 2.0 trend book of the year (especially after every blogger in Manhattan went to its release party). Former Gawker Mascot Andrew Krucoff is totally in the book! Because he was an early adopter of phone-based OG social networking gizmo Dodgeball, you see. Everyone else in the New York media scene signed up for it too, but only to write about it. The Krucoff excerpt, via noted music blog Young Manhattanite, is below, accompanied by a comment from mysterious YM contributer 99 that saves us the trouble of making fun of it.

Canceled Krucoff Auction Scandalmongering

Chris Mohney · 10/16/06 05:25PM

You think it's over? It's only over when Andrew Krucoff (and his swarm of parasitical pro bono attorneys) say it's over. To recap, friendly Gawker ghost Krucoff won an eBay auction for lunch with Architectural Digest's Katherine Scully. The auction was arranged to benefit a charity called Alpha Workshops, which trains people with HIV in the "decorative arts." However, after winning the auction and paying up, Krucoff was notified by Paypal — days later — that the lunch was no longer available, and his money was refunded. No further explanation has been forthcoming. But given the suspicion that the auction might have been scotched due to Krucoff's tempestuous history with AD owner Conde Nast, the man is in no mood to take a form rejection lying down. Instead, there is hushed, urgent, accusatory whispering about restraint of trade, legal recourse, and loss of work — in other words, can we polish up a teapot for this tempest? The faceless folk at eBay assure that "appropriate action" has been taken after the auction cancellation, and Alpha Workshops appears to have dropped out of the eBay auction business. Let's hope that if the charity wouldn't take Krucoff's money, they at least took Conde Nast's to kill the deal.

Jessica Coen Severs Her Gawker Connection

abalk2 · 10/16/06 02:55PM

So, you may not have known this, but Friday was the final day of Jess Coen's tenure as editor at Gawker. (Don't feel bad, there wasn't much mention of it in these parts.) In an oddly uncharacteristic display of affection for his employees, Gawker publisher Nick Denton opened his home to the various hordes who had come to celebrate J. Co's departure. As is his wont, Denton left around eight for a better party, thus missing the ancient Gawker tradition wherein the departing editor shears mascot Andrew Krucoff's hair. Since Elizabeth Spiers first gave Andrew a buzz-cut back in 2003, each editor signals the end of his tenure by symbolically shedding his or her ties to the company. After the jump, we share the evidence of this touching ceremony.

No Conde Cafeteria Klatsch for Krucoff

Chris Mohney · 10/09/06 12:20PM

We were very much looking forward to friend-of-the-family Andrew Krucoff's lunch with Architectural Digest's Katherine Scully. The occasion was duly won, bought, and paid for via charity auction, but as the man himself reports, manifest shenanigans rule the day:

Return Of The Wandering Jew?

abalk2 · 10/02/06 01:50PM

So that auction for lunch in the Conde Nast cafeteria which Conde Nast refugee Andrew Krucoff tried to highjack? Turns out the little guy actually won! We're sure the good folks at Conde will honor the commitment: It is, after all, for charity. Can you imagine? Jessica Coen and Krucoff in the Conde building at the same time? All we need is Gawker founding editor and blogging legend Elizabeth Spiers in attendance and the seventh seal will well and truly be open.

Kruperman Returns

abalk2 · 09/27/06 02:20PM

Remember yesterday's post about the eBay auction to have lunch with an Architectural Digest editor in the Conde Nast cafeteria? Well, as of this afternoon, the bidding was at a healthy $204.25. And the high bidder? Someone named Krupiter. Hmmm... why does that name sound familiar? Ah, yes, step forward Gawker mascot Andrew Krucoff, the former Conde Nast freelancer whom the company escorted from the premises and requested, Oscar Madison style, to never return. Can one fired Conde Nast worker receive a shot at redemption and get back into the building? We're guessing Si's gonna bump up the bid to whatever the necessary figure is, but it should be fun while it lasts.

No Word On Whether Or Not He Washed His Hands After

abalk2 · 09/05/06 04:50PM

Not to be outdone by Diddy, Gawker mascot Andrew Krucoff takes a camera into the bathroom to note the new viral (ha ha, get it?) ad for Jackass 2. The footage is kind of grainy, but the video stream is strong. (It's hard to stop, sorry.) We just want to know if Krucoff was filming with one hand and holding his dick with the other. Because we never figured him to be that coordinated.

92nd Street Y Retreats to East Side

Jesse · 05/18/06 04:00PM

We've finally been pointed to yesterday's news that the 92nd Street Y is shutting its (theoretically) younger and hipper West Side space, Makor, and selling the building. While this is clearly a blow to the pretense that there are hip, young Jews on the Upper West Side, the real question for us is whether the move was ultimately caused to the space's recent programming choices or the parent org's recent hiring moves.

Gawker's Week in Review: Fake Writers Will Never Learn

Jessica · 04/28/06 05:40PM

• Harvard sophomore Kaavya Viswanathan gets spanked for plagiarizing her debut novel. Little, Brown enters shame spiral for having given an underage hack a two book, $500K deal — they cope by pulling her bestseller from the shelves.
People names its "beautiful people" and is rumored to have shelled out some $700K for access to the Brangelina.
• As Rolling Stone's 1,000th issue party draws near, some Wenner proles lament their lack of invites. At least RS staffers scored the golden tickets.
• Rosie O'Donnell is slated to replace Meredith Vieira on The View, ensuring that the show is a must-see for those looking for some morning show bloodlust.
Time's top dog Jim Kelly may be moving on as early as June. Oh, Santa, please don't go.
• In other speculative job changes, is Lloyd Grove considering ditching the Daily News for the Post and Page Six?
• Thank God it's spring — media softball is back, and just as mandatory as ever.
• You can see Anderson Cooper's memoir, but they'll have to kill you afterwards.
• Gawker mascot Andrew Krucoff gets a new job at the 92nd Street Y, meaning that our consciences may finally rest. For now, anyhow.
• If there's one sort of error from the Post that we can never, ever forgive, it's misreporting the size of Bill Clinton's penis. This is America, people — knowing presidential cock is like knowing the Pledge of Allegiance.

Krucing Off: The Finale

Jesse · 04/26/06 05:13PM

Wonderful news. A mere six months — nearly to the day — since we got him fired from Conde Nast, where he was a freelance market researcher, Gawker mascot Andrew Krucoff finally has a new job. He'll be the web content developer at the 92 Street Y, which means he'll be writing for the Y's blog and also working on web marketing efforts. Most important, though, it means we'll perhaps finally stop feeling guilty about this whole thing, and that maybe Krucoff's Mom won't hate us anymore.