Andrew Breitbart Would Have Loved the Trump Campaign

Alex Pareene · 08/17/16 04:55PM

The legacy of Andrew Breitbart, the late founder of the Breitbart News Network, has been invoked repeatedly during this election cycle, mainly by people who insist that he would not have allowed his media outlet to have become a sort of house organ of the Donald Trump campaign. Former Breitbart contributor Ben Shapiro, who resigned from the site in March, has been particularly adamant that the site’s support for Trump is a betrayal of all that Breitbart the man stood for.

Chris Matthews and Andrew Breitbart Meet at a Sad Mall

Hamilton Nolan · 08/29/12 04:05PM

The Republican Convention isn't all "inside baseball" and "delegates" and "wandering around inside prison-style fencing in search of meaning." It's also about venturing out to see "the real Tampa." Sometimes, you have to get out of your chair, go "outside the wire," and take in a screening of a haranguing right wing documentary with an unmistakably karmic ending.

James O'Keefe Earned $65K for His ACORN Sting

Maureen O'Connor · 04/10/12 05:21PM

Poring over the court documents on ACORN, Wonkette discovered that Andrew Breitbart agreed to pay James O'Keefe and his ACORN sting video co-star Hanna Giles a combined $120,000. Apparently James got a grand total of $65,000 for his "life rights," but Giles got cut off due to "a conflict of visions" after receiving a comparatively scan $32,000. [Wonkette, image via]

Why We're Talking About Barack Obama and Derrick Bell Now

John Cook · 03/08/12 06:32PM

So Andrew Breitbart's belated death-rattle made its debut last night, and here's what it is: Barack Obama, in 1990, gave a speech saying nice things about a bad man named Derrick Bell. He also hugged the bad man, Derrick Bell. Ipso facto reduction ad absurdum habeas corpus hocus pocus, Barack Obama is a bad man as well. Airtight.

Andrew Breitbart: Big Deal, Big Coronary, Big Corpse

mobutu & Gen. Ze'evi · 03/06/12 03:50PM

Provocateur, website founder and collector of America's largest wads of spittle Andrew Breitbart died last Thursday morning, when some sentient shred of his cardiac organ kamikazed out of an exhausted sense of justice.

Andrew Breitbart: A Provocateur's Provocateur

Nick Denton · 03/01/12 02:06PM

He was the ultimate expression of our time: political provocation as performance art. You were never quite sure whether he believed the craziness he spouted. But the system — cable news and the internet — rewarded him for the crazy.

Breitbart's Death: The Conspiracy Insta-Theories

Maureen O'Connor · 03/01/12 11:22AM

Within an hour of the announcement of relentlessly partisan internet provocateur Andrew Breitbart's death, his most vociferous fans memorialized him in the most appropriate way possible: They launched conspiracy theories about his assassination on Twitter.

Politicos Feeding Soldiers Turkey, Pundits Tweeting About 'Poop Cities'

Lauri Apple · 11/24/11 04:26PM

While listening to Aunt Eunice talk about her recent hip surgery and watching Little Cousin Jaydenlynne text furiously over her plateful of unwanted peas, you slowly chewed your turkey and thought about American's politicians and pundits, and how they are spending Thanksgiving. Am I right?

Right-Wing Rabble-Rouser Leaks Thousands of Occupy Wall Street Emails

Adrian Chen · 10/15/11 01:20PM

Conservatives really have a hard-on for "infiltrating" Occupy Wall Street in an effort to discredit it. Now a computer expert has leaked thousands of emails from Occupy Wall Street organizers and told us he's identified members of the hacktivist collective Anonymous involved in the protest.

Andrew Breitbart on a Second U.S. Civil War: 'Bring It On'

Lauri Apple · 09/18/11 01:12PM

Ranting Weiner fetishist and far-right blog mogul Andrew Breitbart is so tired of "vicious" Twitter leftists and liberals calling him gay—which they do for no reason—that sometimes, during "unclear moments" of addled thinking and high emotions, he thinks about how cool it would be if America had another civil war. Then he might finally fulfill his promise of taking down America's Left, and also end his own victimization. "Major-named" people in the military has his back on this!

Stephen Colbert Isn't Buying Andrew Breitbart's 'I Was Duped' Excuse

Matt Cherette · 06/09/11 11:31PM

During an appearance on the Opie and Anthony radio show yesterday, conservative blogger Andrew Breitbart showed off his beloved photo of Anthony Weiner's penis and it wasn't long before the photo surfaced online. On tonight's Colbert Report, Stephen poked holes in Breitbart's "I didn't know the picture would get out!" defense—much like we did earlier—except he did it with a sarcastic apology to viewers for displaying Weiner's manscaped member.

The Three Lies of Andrew Breitbart

John Cook · 06/09/11 03:54PM

Just kidding! Obviously there are many, many, many more lies. But a video released yesterday of Breitbart yucking it up with the folks at Opie and Anthony while passing around a photo of Anthony Weiner's cock—a rather cavalier little party trick that resulted in a photo-of-a-photo-of-a-photo of the cock shot seen 'round the world making its way on to Twitter and this here web site—exposes three. Let's take them in turn:

Anthony Weiner's Cock Shot Emerges

Adrian Chen · 06/08/11 10:46AM

Nobody really expected the week to end without Anthony Weiner's penis splashed all over the internet. And here it is: Andrew Breitbart showed a couple of radio DJs a picture of what is likely Anthony Weiner's dick, then they leaked it on Twitter.

Can Anthony Weiner Keep It Up?

Adrian Chen · 06/07/11 05:11PM

The titillating saga Weinergate has entered its final and potentially most boring stage. All eyes that aren't ogling sexting porn star Ginger Lee or Anthony Weiner's miraculously smooth chest must now turn to the fully-clothed congressman and ask the big question: Will Weiner survive this?