Bad Influences Kathie Lee and Hoda Get Their Boozy Hands on America's Sweetheart Anderson Cooper

Robert Kessler · 11/20/12 02:15PM

On today's pre-recorded Anderson Live, our host with the most let his famously white hair down with co-hosts Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb. While Anderson may be very good at stealing the hearts of middle-aged white women and reporting from war zones, he is not very good at drinking. It took a couple sips of white wine and good ole Andy was slurring like Diane Sawyer on election night and spouting off sex jokes.

Reddit Troll Michael Brutsch Defends Himself on CNN: 'I Treated Reddit As a Game'

Adrian Chen · 10/18/12 11:53PM

There wasn't much anyone following the story of 49-year-old Texas programmer Michael Brutsch, whom we revealed to be behind the notorious Reddit troll Violentacrez, could realistically have hoped to learn about the man from his appearance on Anderson Cooper's CNN show tonight. We already knew he is an unabashed creep who has now lost his job thanks to his predilection for posting pictures of underage girls in their underwear and spouting virulent racism on the social news site Reddit. There was a near-zero percent chance of some emotional breakdown or heartfelt confession that might make Brutsch seem to be sorry for anything but being caught. He'd put too much into Violentacrez over too many years for that.

Why the Right to Privacy Doesn't Apply to Coming Out

Louis Peitzman · 07/02/12 07:30PM

The more the conversation about coming out changes, the more it stays the same: we're reduced to the fundamentally opposed sides of "celebrities have a moral imperative to come out" and "celebrities have a right to their privacy." I'm less concerned with the former — while the world would certainly be a better place if all gay people felt comfortable identifying as such, and while LGBT youth could always use more role models, there's an element of forced advocacy to suggesting gay people need to be voices for the gay community. Suddenly everything they say or do is viewed through the lens of the cause.

A History of Anderson Cooper's Open Secret

Max Read · 07/02/12 03:45PM

Everyone knows that Anderson Cooper is gay. The moments after the CNN anchor officially came out of the closet this morning were like an "over-it" contest on Twitter — a chance to see who could be the least surprised by the news.