Watch Anderson Cooper's Paris Hilton Smackdown

Matt Cherette · 06/07/11 01:32AM

On tonight's AC360, Anderson Cooper made Paris Hilton the subject of his "Ridiculist" segment, a recurring bit that serves as an outlet for Cooper's pent-up sass. The verbal smackdown consisted of Cooper mocking those who might be under the impression Paris has turned over a new leaf by playing clips from her new Oxygen reality show—clips that depicts her in the same dim green light in which we've always seen her. The highly amusing segment is above.

Watch CNN's Sanjay Gupta Make the Worst Segue Ever

Matt Cherette · 12/21/10 12:12AM

Tonight, Dr. Sanjay Gupta hosted Anderson Cooper 360 in Cooper's stead. After Cooper sees the way Gupta began things, however, he may not ask him back. Inside, watch Gupta accidentally call Cooper a pedophile during a segue gone horribly awry.

Florida School Board Shooting Caught on Tape

Matt Cherette · 12/14/10 10:49PM

56-year-old Clay Duke took his own life today during a shootout with authorities at a Florida school board meeting, mere seconds after he fired at—and missed, thankfully—several local officials. The dramatic showdown was caught on tape—watch it inside.

Anderson Cooper Gets Cocky on His Segway

Adrian Chen · 01/05/10 10:58PM

Anderson Cooper introduced a new segment on his show tonight called 'What's Next.' And because the Segway is somehow still the ultimate shorthand for 'the future' he introduced the segment twirling around on one of the mobile awkwardness generators.

Marijuana: Dangerous Menace Enjoyed by 'Losers', Rhode Island

Richard Lawson · 06/18/09 02:14PM

As we stare at the ash-filled bowl on the coffee table and consider ourselves—hardly dressed, reeking of failure—we begin to see why some say dope is for dopes. And one of Anderson Cooper's blogging soldiers would agree!

abalk · 09/13/07 03:24PM

"CNN is permanently shifting to taped programming for the second hour of "Anderson Cooper 360," scaling back an ambitious programming block created in 2005 to showcase the studio and field-reporting talents of Cooper, who it viewed as an emerging star." Uh oh! [Variety] UPDATE: Meouch, CNN is calling Variety all kinds of wrong on this one.