A History of Anderson Cooper's Open Secret

Max Read · 07/02/12 03:45PM

Everyone knows that Anderson Cooper is gay. The moments after the CNN anchor officially came out of the closet this morning were like an "over-it" contest on Twitter — a chance to see who could be the least surprised by the news.

Is Anderson Cooper Prepping His Coming Out Episode?

Brian Moylan · 12/14/11 06:01PM

We heard from a tipster that glass closet aficionado Anderson Cooper was bringing his boyfriend Benjamin Maisani to the holiday party for his daytime talk show Anderson tomorrow evening and alleges it is because the show is prepping Anderson's big coming out episode for February sweeps. Can this be true?

Anderson Cooper Is a Stranger to Massaging Breasts

Brian Moylan · 11/23/11 05:27PM

Today Anderson Cooper, the world's worst cook, had Jamie Oliver on his show to teach him how to prepare Thanksgiving dinner. As well as being a novice in the kitchen we learn he is unfamiliar with something else: rubbing breasts.

What Is Anderson Cooper Adorably Afraid Of?

Brian Moylan · 10/26/11 04:45PM

Anderson Cooper has been to war zones, hurricane disaster sites, and the Roxy after 6am, so he knows something about scary places. But what's the one thing that the unflappable newsman is scared of? Bugs.

Anderson Cooper Invites You to His Gun Show

Brian Moylan · 10/19/11 04:37PM

We all know that America's greatest poop phone user, Anderson Cooper, will take every opportunity to take his shirt off on camera. But what about his arms? When he rolled up his shirt to get a flu shot on today's episode of Anderson, he paused briefly to flex for the crowd and said, "Welcome to the gun show." Then he got all bashful about it and his infamous giggle followed. Oh, Anderson, you're so cute when you don't know how hot you are.

Anderson Cooper's Daytime Disaster

John Cook · 10/01/11 11:58AM

It's just three weeks into Anderson Cooper's new daytime adventure, and the show has already devolved into the sort of unscrupulous talk-show tactics that Cooper's prime-time newsman personality would turn up his nose at: A teenager is in a coma after one of Anderson's producers encouraged him to record his reckless behavior for a show on the "teenage mind."

Katy Perry Advances Plan for World Domination

Richard Lawson · 09/14/11 05:15PM

America's national embarrassment will continue to take over our lands and townships with another song. Also today: bad news for Anderson, decent news for Sarah, and great news for twentysomethings.

Anderson Cooper Takes a Stumble

Richard Lawson · 09/13/11 04:10PM

Your beloved newsman's new talk show had an inauspicious debut. Also today: Entourage ended well, Hugh Grant is heading to the clouds, and new TV projects are in the works.

Anderson Cooper Finds His First Talk Show Guest

Brian Moylan · 09/06/11 11:59AM

Andy Cooper tweeted today that the guests on the September 12 debut of his daytime talk show will be Amy Winehouse's family, giving their first interview about her death. A mix of topical and emotional. He is the new Oprah!

Will Anderson Cooper Come Out on His New Talk Show?

Brian Moylan · 08/23/11 12:10PM

With the start of Anderson Cooper's new daytime talk show, Anderson, just weeks away there's speculation that CNN's biggest closet case will be coming out during the daylight hours. So will he? And just when would he do it? Let's speculate.

Anderson Cooper Doesn't Care That Much About His Head

Seth Abramovitch · 07/28/11 02:16AM

Here's the latest promo for Anderson Cooper's upcoming talk show, called simply, Anderson, and produced by Nosredna Studios. (Get it? Like Harpo? Because he's the next Oprah? Never mind.) Anyway, I think this promo is supposed to show you what a fun, dynamic, regular guy Anderson is — zipping around Manhattan on his mountain bike, occasionally stopping for a pickup game of basketball or chess in Tompkins Square Park, then off to Harlem to help some orphans and nuns paint a mural, then back to Chelsea for his TRX suspension training class, then cleaned up in a tuxedo at the Met for opening night of an all-male production of Madame Butterfly that just took Denmark by storm. Which I can totally get behind! I'd love to do all those things, too. But I'll probably just wind up sitting here on the couch with a pint of Greek yogurt watching Anderson instead. May I ask something, however? Where is Anderson's helmet? And why does he get his hair cut by Uzbek barbers in the East Village? In short, why doesn't Anderson care more about his head? A lot is riding on that precious silver noggin! Protect the head! Pamper the head! Cherish the head! [via HuffPo]

Rosie O'Donnell On View Cold War

Ryan Tate · 11/20/08 06:57AM
  • Rosie O'Donnell, contradicting Barbara Walters' rosy description of relations on The View: "I'm not saying they loathe each other, but the fact of the matter is, there was not a lot of camaraderie off camera." [LAT]