What Was Gawker? 

Hamilton Nolan · 08/22/16 02:15PM

Wherever you go in this life, there is some jerk telling you what to do. Almost always. But not always.

Hamilton Nolan · 08/16/16 03:09PM

Stern but lovable news show host John McLaughlin has died at the age of 89. He hosted his iconic, low-fi political talk show for 34 years. Now he is presiding over Pat Buchanan- Eleanor Clift shoutfests in heaven. “Bye BYE,” John.

Here Are a Couple Good Merle Haggard Songs

Alex Pareene · 04/06/16 04:37PM

Merle Haggard, one of the finest singers (and songwriters) in American popular music history, died today, on his 79th birthday. Here are a couple good songs.

Garry Shandling, Comedy Genius, Is Dead

Alex Pareene · 03/24/16 05:27PM

Actor and comedian Garry Shandling died Thursday in Los Angeles. Shandling, 66, was among the most influential figures in modern American comedy and television, thanks to two brilliant shows he co-created and starred in in the 1980s and 1990s.

Ahmed Chalabi Now Convincing Christopher Hitchens That He Will Be Iraq's George Washington In Hell

Alex Pareene · 11/03/15 06:13PM

Ahmed Chalabi, a con artist who spent a decade convincing America’s foreign policy establishment to topple a dictator so the Chalabi family could resume extracting their home nation’s wealth, died of a heart attack today, about 15 years too late. If you haven’t read it in a while (or at all), now is a good time to revisit Jane Mayer’s 2004 account of how long and how hard Chalabi worked to make regime change in Iraq the main foreign policy priority of a bunch of deeply stupid but powerful people, who grew to believe, despite of the overwhelming amount of evidence to the contrary, that the deeply unscrupulous exile could be a credible leader of a secular and democratic Iraq.

Hamilton Nolan · 08/04/14 07:51AM

Veteran foreign correspondent, well-loved war reporter, and author of the extraordinary Iraq War book Black Hearts Jim Frederick died suddenly last week of a heart attack in Oakland, California. He was 42 years old.

Breaking: Ariel Sharon Still Dead

Justin Charity · 01/11/14 10:46AM

Eight years after falling into a permanent vegetative state, former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon stopped breathing this morning at Sheba Medical Centre in Jerusalem. The former IDF general and politician, nicknamed "the Butcher of Beirut" for his role in the 1982 Sabra and Shatila massacres of Palestinian civilians, was 85. He is survived by two sons, Omri and Gilad.

The Poet and Activist Amiri Baraka Has Died

Max Read · 01/09/14 03:29PM

Amiri Baraka, poet, playwright, essayist and critic, has died at age 79 in Newark, New Jersey. He was hospitalized in December for an unknown illness.

Ray Price Is Not Dead Yet

John Cook · 12/16/13 11:54AM

Ray Price, one of the great voices and storytellers of the Golden Age of country music, almost died over the weekend. His son, Clifton Ray Price, certainly believed that his father—who is 87 years old and is most certainly, and inevitably, dying of cancer—had passed away on Saturday. But after Price's wife angrily contradicted that report yesterday, the younger Price wrote on his dad's Facebook page that he had "been deceived by some cruel people" and that his dad was indeed "still hanging on." He's going to die, though. Soon. So listen to "Night Life," written by Price's old bass player Willie Nelson. It's the title track from the greatest concept record ever made, a louche, slightly slurred, lipstick-on-your-collar tour through the drunken disintegration of the middle-class American family.

Max Read · 11/21/13 09:39AM

William Weaver, the Italian translator who rendered Italo Calvino and Umberto Eco into English, has died at 90. If your obituary can include this sentence it's fair to say you led a good life: "Midway through our meal of pasta with lemon and cream sauce, Muriel Spark walked in with a basketful of forest mushrooms[.]"