Calvin Klein's Romeo

Nick Denton · 03/17/08 05:07PM

Former Interview editor Ingrid Sischy profiles former fashion designer Calvin Klein for the increasingly dated Vanity Fair, at great length. It's not so much a feature as a biography, without any stunning revelations-except that the designer, whose 1980s billboards put gay iconography in Times Square, is one of the world's last remaining bisexuals. "That was a period of time when sex was everywhere, as were drugs. Not for everyone, of course. I've experienced-and I've said it before-a lot of my fantasies. I've experienced sex with men, with women. I've fallen in love with women. I've married women. And I have a family." Oh, and, in one of the moments he wasn't busy marrying women, Klein may have succumbed to the charms of Romeo, one of the models whom photographer Bruce Weber turned into a pin-up. Photograph: Calvin Klein in a 1979 ad for his label.

Such, such were the joys

Nick Douglas · 08/02/06 10:00AM

Google News is re-indexing some Fast Company articles from the turn of the century, so classic articles like "Built to Flip" have turned up in news alerts as if they came out this morning. Reading this stuff is like pawing through National Geographics from the 50s — the customs are strange, the references archaic, the topless shots of natives disappointing. For instance:

Ancient history: Pyra Labs in '99

ndouglas · 03/13/06 08:54PM

Meg Hourihan dug up a pic (640x480 original) of her partner Evan Williams at Pyra Labs in their pre-Blogger days — ages before Google snapped up the little development company, and in the first golden age of idea whiteboards. Haven't tried calling that phone number at the top, but special love (and a comment account) to anyone with the nerve to do it.