Ann Curry, Oregon Duck, Is a Rich Guy

Jesse · 04/28/06 08:44AM

A University of Oregon alumnus — here! in the big city! in our very midst! — attended an alumni event the other night at which Today newsgal Ann Curry, a fellow Duck, spoke, and he presents a very good case for why little Annie didn't get the big chair when Katie decided to take her colon over to CBS:

Media Bubble: Who Cares About Rate Base, So Long as Your Shirt Is Tucked In?

Jesse · 04/24/06 03:46PM

Details missed its rate base on eight of 10 issues in 2005. Fun. [Ad Age]
• Martha Stewart launches Blueprint today in a bid to reach younger readers. There should probably be a joke about Alexis here, but we can't think of one. [NYP]
• Daily Candy remains for sale. [NYM]
• Punch Sulzberger has allegedly said that he'll read the Times on the computer when he can take a computer into the bathroom with him. Now, apparently, he can. [NYT]
• Kurt Andersen thinks we're in a tech bubble again. How does he know? Because Michael Wolff wants in. [NYM]
• Simon Dumenco answers the questions you didn't ask, including whether he has a clothing line and what his jingle sounds like. [Ad Age]
• Existentially speaking, who is Brian Williams? [MW]
NYT M.E. Jill Abramson's grandfather could have invested early in Paramount Pictures but didn't. [NYSun]

Media Bubble: Scott McClellan Has Already Addressed That Question

Jesse · 04/19/06 02:51PM

• Scott McClellan resigns as White House press secretary. Don't get too excited; not like the next one will be much better. [WP]
• Morgan Stanley reassures that it's not trying to force the sale of the Times Co. No, it's just trying to turn it into another Gannett. [NYT]
• This week, Conde Nast discovers internet video. [WWD (second item)]
• Plame-entangled reporter Matt Cooper to become political editor of Which is a prison of its own sort. [Media Mob/NYO]
• Gay Talese is a meticulous writer who misses deadlines. [NYO]
• The secret to good TV news? Banter. (Oh yeah? Then why aren't we hosting Meet the Press?) [NYO]

Media Bubble: The Joys of Renegotiating Your Contract

Jesse · 04/07/06 03:20PM

• Bonnie's rich AMI contract is up at the end of June, and — as one of her mags gets shut down and another's redesign is more or less undone — negotiations are underway. Great timing, eh? [NYP (second item)]
• Newspapers execs met in Chicago, surrounded by dinosaur skeletons. Sexy Jon Fine enjoys that metaphor, as he should. [BizWeek]
• Who does Spin hire to replenish its now-virtually-empty staff ranks? An alt-porn auteur and star, naturally. [FBNY]
• Injured ABC anchor Bob Woodruff sends note to colleagues, releases photo. We're very pleasantly surprised to see that he does, in fact, still look like an anchorman. [AP/USAT]
Forward politics writer E.J. Kessler to move to New York Post op-ed gig. Because people jump from socialist to conservative papers all the time. [Forward]
• All the standard kvetches about media? Wrong, wrong, and wrong, says Bill Powers. [NJ]
• Arthur Gregg Sulzberger, the son of Pinch who we've attempted to saddle with the nickname Prince, to leave the Providence Journal for The Oregonian in Portland. Wonder where he'll end up? [Providence Phoenix]
NYT Congress reporter Sheryl Gay Stolberg to become paper's White House reporter. [Media Mob/NYO]
• The Voice loses another, this time investigative reporter Jennifer Gonnerman. [Media Mob/NYO]
• Are Conde Nast editors being shut out of Devil Wears Prada screenings? Um, no. [WWD]

Our Readers Are Cooler Than We Are

Jesse · 04/05/06 05:52PM

We spent our Sunday recuperating from a hangover, ordering in some bacon and eggs, and catching up on TiVo'd TV. A reader meantime, spent three hours on a JetBlue plane next to Anderson Cooper. Cathy, to whom the above boarding pass is inscribed, is our current hero. (Our beloved Anderson, on the other hand, needs a course in penmanship.)

Media Bubble: Is the Couric Move a Done Deal?

Jesse · 04/03/06 01:40PM

• "Katie Couric's deal to move to CBS News is completed in principle, and an announcement that she is leaving NBC might come as early as this week." Which would be a relief, so we could finally stop hearing speculation about it. [TV Week]
Budget Living's failure shows that indie mags just don't work anymore. But shhhhh... Ron Burkle might hear. [NYT]
• Jim Cramer says the Times should ditch paper and move entirely online. He's crazy, of course, but in that case also probably right. [NYM]
• The NYT's new web redesign — and the Journal's of a few weeks ago — are about creating more ad inventory and adding news aggregators. [Ad Age]
• Is Hearst looking to replace Glenda Bailey at Bazaar when her contract is up later this year? Well, no, says the company, and her numbers look good, too. [WWD]
• ESPN to start broadcasting dominoes games (matches?). Remarkably, this does not seem to be an April Fools joke. [NYT]
NYO TV columnist Rebecca Dana has a signed picture of Richard Dawson on her mantelpiece. We're a little jealous, to be honest. [Jossip]

Media Bubble: In Which Jann Wenner Is Discovered to Be a Control Freak

Jesse · 03/29/06 01:08PM

• "Wenner is driving everyone crazy," a staffer tells Keith Kelly. "He keeps changing his mind." This time that refers to plans for the Rolling Stone 1,000th issue party. [NYP]
• Charlie Rose to undergo heart surgery in Paris. It'll be under general anesthetic, which will give the surgeons a chance to get a few words in. [Reuters via Yahoo]
• The biggest Katie question: What exactly is gravitas? [NYO]
• Business books are back. And — have you heard? — Elizabeth Spiers has a new Wall Street blog. [WWD]
• The Newspaper Guild's bid for a dozen erstwhile Knight Ridder papers is backed by Ron Burkle's Yucaipa Cos. (Hmm, where have we heard of them before?) Bill Clinton in on the board of Yucapia. So Bill Clinton could end up as a newspaper owner, sort of. [NYSun]
• Lou Dobbs has discovered that "what works in cable television news is not an objective analysis of the day's events but hard-nosed, unstinting advocacy of a specific point of view." Who knew? [NYT]
• Time Inc. wants to be a web player now. If only the company could find a path. [WSJ]

Media Bubble: There Is No News About Katie, and Yet Still She Is News

Jesse · 03/27/06 02:06PM

• Will Katie go to CBS? We continue to not really have any idea. [USAT]
• What did Bonnie Fuller learn from getting fired from Conde Nast? "Blatant disloyalty is never the smart course of action." Who knew? [NYT]
• Kurt Andersen thinks — hopes! — that the celebrity moment might finally be over. [NYM]
• Elizabeth Spiers is starting a blog about Wall Street. Also, she used to work here. [IWantMedia]
Esquire has a funny spoof in its new issue written by — who else? — a Foer brother, in this case champion memorizer Joshua. [WP]
• Simon Dumenco isn't sure newspapers will survive, and he can't believe it took the Times until now to get rid of the printed stock tables. [Ad Age]
• Jim Surowiecki thinks newspapers will survive, and he can't believe it took them until now to get rid of printed stock tables. [NYer]
WWD media reporter Jeff Bercovici breakfasts on spelt toast with almond butter and a home-brewed cappuccino. [Jossip]
• Syd Schanberg quit his job as the Village Voice's Press Clips columnist just after the New Times deal closed, feeling that the company was no longer interested in media criticism. Friday he won an award for his Voice media criticism. [VV]

Fun With Streaming Video: Anderson Gets Sprayed

Jesse · 03/23/06 11:32AM

OK, so it's a clip from a while ago, back when CNN's American Morning was still in the Time & Life Building. (The new Sportsnet New York is in their old studio now.) And it's a clip of them replaying an even older clip, from when A-Coop was one of American Morning's anchors. And it's a clip of a clip that isn't even that new to YouTube, having been posted, we see, back in January. But it was just brought to our attention last night, and, dammit, we're sure as hell not going to keep shots of our beloved Anderson — shirtless, "white as a newt," and dancing around to ensure they spray-on tan gets everywhere — from you just because they're not new. Again, that's Anderson shirtless and dancing around. You're welcome.

Media Bubble: Watching O'Reilly

Jesse · 03/20/06 12:39PM

• Nick Lemann has 5,000 words on Bill O'Reilly. Which we'll get around to reading soon. [NYer]
• David Carr thinks VF, underneath all its bullshit, is actually a pretty good mag. [NYT]
• And Jon Friedman thinks that all the other magazine editors are ganging up on poor David Remnick. [MW]
• We always thought Bill Beutel was kind of a little crazy, but that's probably because we only really watched him in his later years. He helped invent Eyewitness News, and he died Saturday. [NYT]
• Bloggers "are the new media darlings," and — shockingly — many hope to get paid gigs with traditional media. [Newsday]
• More breaking insights: An attractive grad student who is raped and murdered makes for great tabloid fodder. [Baltimore Sun]
• No Hachette mags were among the Ellie finalists. Again. [WWD]

Media Bubble: Oh, We're So Sorry, Judy

Jesse · 03/17/06 12:17PM

• Judy Miller finally figured out why her Times career went to hell: It was the bloggers' fault. Of course it was. [Slate]
• Six weeks later, ABC anchor Bob Woodruff is released from the hospital to continue his rehabilitation elsewhere. [ABCNews]
• And 18 months later, NYT researcher Zhao Yan is released from prison after the Chinese government withdraws state-secrets charges. [NYT]
• Jon Friedman's doesn't love Mike Wallace. [MW]
• Coming soon: Isaac Mizrahi: The Magazine? [WWD (second item)]

A Double Terror Was Waiting for You

Jesse · 03/17/06 08:50AM

It is not pleasant to be idly flipping channels late at night and happen across Headline News, on which appears two seemingly identical Nancy Graces, both blondely staring back at you. Such wrath, you imagine; such anger, such concern for missing white women. Then you realize it could be worse: It could be MSNBC and two Rita Cosbys.

Media Bubble: Charlie Gibson for 'WNT' Anchor

Jesse · 03/15/06 01:01PM

• Today's speculation on the next World News Tonight anchor: Charlie Gibson. Because Diane wants him to. [NYO]
• That Times Mag Mark-Warner-Looks-Nothing-Like-His-Photo correction? It's all thanks to the Observer. [NYO]
• Howell Raines' latest memoir TK on May 9. In case 20,000 words in The Atlantic wasn't enough for you. [E&P]
• Kent Brownridge is gone from Wenner Media. Again. For real. We think. [NYP]
• And Jann startes hunting for a new Kent. Mary Berner, maybe? [WWD]
• The Times thinks Hillary's running for president, too: She'll now be covered through the Washburo instead of the Metro desk. [NYO]

Media Bubble: That Internet Thing Is Gonna Be Huge

Jesse · 03/13/06 12:47PM

• Big media companies like buying popular websites. Who knew? [Mediaweek]
• 2005 was a bad year for newspapers. You don't say. [WSJ]
• David Carr can't quite figure out why CBS wants Katie Couric so badly. [NYT]
• Lewis Lapham's welcome present for Roger Hodge: Lots of readers pissed off about an article on researchers who dispute the idea that HIV causes AIDS. [NYT]
• Diane Sawyer will be the next World News Tonight anchor. [Newsday]
• No, wait. Charlie Gibson will. [NYP]

Media Bubble: Potential Pulitzers?

Jesse · 03/10/06 02:00PM

• Can't wait for the Pulitzers announcement to find out the finalists? (See, officially they don't announce the finalists till they announce the winners.) Good thing E&P has its annual samizdat list. [E&P]
• Recently unemployed Absolute editor Andrew Essex is even more recently un-unemployed, sliding into a consulting gig at Rodale for Men's Health and Best Life. Prominent chins, we understand, are the new rich. [WWD]
• Are the good guys winning in the Knight Ridder auction? Wow. [NYT]
• Things at Newsday aren't even worse than you thought, if you bother to pay attention to such things. [NYP]
• Bill Powers wants anchor elections: America's Next Top Anchor? [National Journal]

Media Bubble: Si Newhouse Loves All His Children Equally

Jesse · 03/08/06 12:42PM

• As Fairchild is integrated into Conde Nast, portraits of the Fairchilds go, a fancy cafeteria arrives, and garlic is banned. [NYO]
Absolute mag might live again, that to Realtor William B. May. At the very least, the already-completed next issue will be distributed. Oh, and that trademark thing the Post was all worried about last week? Not a big deal, May says. [NYP (second item)]
• ABC's Bob Woodruff still has a face for TV, his brother reports. The talking for TV? Less so. [NYDN]
• Judy Miller admits she was wrong! OK, the other Judy Miller, and about moving to New York. [Romenesko]
• Maer Roshan delays your plane. [Media Mob/NYO]

Media Bubble: And If You Think You Understand His Book, He Miswrote

Jesse · 03/07/06 02:42PM

• Penguin wins auction for Alan Greenspan memoir with an offer believed to be nearly $9 million. Obligatory question: Irrationally exuberant? [NYP]
• The dude behind the allegedly forthcoming mags Everything for Men and Everything for Women is a con artist and a felon. Unlike most mag people, who are merely con artists. [WWD]
• Arthur S. holds his State of the Times meeting; reporters question why he gets paid so much and they so little. [Media Mob/NYO]
• ABC's Bob Woodruff reportedly now conscious and talking, though heavily medicated. []
• Air America could lose its New York affiliate on April 1. We'd be bummed, if we ever listened to it. [NYP]
• The Jew and the gays brought Oscar his second-worst ratings since 1987. [WP]
• Does Diane Sawyer want to anchor World News Tonight? One gossip site says so. [TMZ]
• Candace Bushnell to launch weekly Sirius Satellite Radio show giving advice to women. First piece of advice we'd like her fans to hear: "They're just cupcakes. Stop waiting on a line around the corner for them." [NYDN]
• Will Nick Sylvester be a Stephen Glass, a Mike Barnicle, or a Janet Cooke? [Media Mob/NYO]

Media Bubble: Blogs Either Are or Are Not Dying

Jesse · 03/03/06 01:45PM

• Bill Powers says blogs are not, recent hype notwithstanding, dying. But you knew that. [National Journal]
• Old men make good anchors, says Mark Jurkowitz. [Public Eye]
• Because there aren't enough glossy style mags for rich people, the Wall Street Journal Europe is set to launch one targeted at rich men between 30 and 55. Style Journal launches in Europe next month, in the Asian edition in the fall, and could be coming to the United States, too. Thank God. [WWD (last item)}
• Speaking of mags for rich people, Keith Kelly thinks a trademark threat from Absolut vodka helped shutter Absolute mag, even though courts kept siding with the mag's publisher. [NYP]

Media Bubble: Finally, a New 'Atlantic' Editor

Jesse · 03/02/06 12:33PM

NYT's James Bennet is The Atlantic's new editor. We have nothing witty to say about this. [NYT]
• ABC anchor Bob Woodruff is making "good" progress in his recovery. No jokes here, either. [Newsday]
• Want to read early handicapping of the Pulitzer Prizes? Nor us. But someone must, right? [E&P]
• Jann Wenner shares a "hunk of meat" with Playboy CEO Christie Hefner and Time Inc. chair Ann Moore. We had no idea Matt Nye was so broadminded. [Mediaweek]
• Diversity Council's report terms Times "a newspaper at risk" on diversity issues. Hey, why should things be different on that issue than everywhere else? [Media Mob/NYO]
• Tuesday night, journalists talked about themselves. Obligatory mah-nishtanah joke here. [WWD (second item)]