All the Kooky Things Meredith Vieira Ever Did on Today

Brian Moylan · 06/08/11 10:40AM

Today was Today show anchor Meredith Vieira's last day on the program. It was a very solemn occasion where they took time to recall her important moments like dancing with the Rockettes, falling down while ice skating, being attacked by Robin Williams and Russell Brand, polishing Colin Firth's trophy, and interviewing world leaders like Barack Obama and Miss Piggy.

Blackbeard's Anchor Recovered off North Carolina

Max Read · 05/28/11 01:29PM

Divers off the coast of North Carolina recovered the third-largest anchor from what's believed to be the remains of the pirate Blackbeard's ship, Queen Anne's Revenge. It's 11 feet and four inches long (seven feet, seven inches wide), and covered — as you can see — with gross ocean stuff. No word on whether or not it's haunted.

Scandalized Philly News Anchors Share Competing Make-Out Stories

Hamilton Nolan · 04/04/11 08:26AM

Philadelphia's misbehaving news anchors are the most exciting thing to come out of the Philly media scene since AJ Daulerio! Former Philly CBS anchor Alycia Lane (pictured) is famous for slugging a cop and emailing bikini photos of herself; fellow former Philly anchor Larry Mendte made his name by hacking into Lane's email and thereby destroying his career. Today: more details than you probably care to know about the relationship between the two!

Local News Anchor Flips Off the Camera

Maureen O'Connor · 02/03/11 03:01PM

Is this the first casualty of high-definition widescreen? Houston news anchor Owen Conflenti flipped off his coworkers mid-broadcast, but failed to anticipate his studio's new widescreen cameras. His off-screen obscenity was broadcast to everyone in Houston with an HD-TV.

Finnish News Anchor Caught Drinking On TV

Kate Shapiro · 10/14/10 10:27AM

Kimmo Wilska, an English-language anchor in Finland, was fired for drinking on a live television broadcast. Ironically, he was caught while reporting on alcohol violations in bars. Wilska claims it was a prank to entertain his co-workers.

The Yearbook Photos of Your Favorite TV Reporters

Gene Delsener · 08/09/10 07:22PM

Anchors/reporters are the celebrities of the news business: a bunch of familiar faces that sometimes won't stop talking. But can you name the newscasters before they became famous? Test your knowledge of these TV mainstays with their yearbook photos, inside.

Curmudgeon Cat-fight Caught on Air

Heather Duthie · 04/27/10 10:23AM

When Ollie poses the brilliant question "what now?" to Jim back at the station, his reporting prowess is called into question, leading to an all-out old-man cat-fight.

Is This the Worst Newscast Ever?

Aman Ellis · 02/19/10 01:50PM

Brought to you by a tag-team of morons doing their best just to get through the simple dialogue, the combination of illiterate journalist and an incompetent production team makes for one great newscast fail.

Pat Kiernan Invents Online News Roundups

Hamilton Nolan · 04/06/09 09:28AM

"In the Papers," as you know unless you have the grave misfortune to live somewhere where you are unable to enjoy Pat Kiernan's calm visage and dulcet tones in the morning, is a segment where Pat leafs through the morning papers, pointing out the stories that are interesting to Pat Kiernan. Now Pat's going to "expand his personal brand" by taking the segment online, so readers across the nation can allow Pat Kiernan to "'cut through the clutter' and compile the most relevant articles for readers each day."

Blooper King Len Berman Leaving WNBC a Rich Man

Hamilton Nolan · 04/01/09 09:32AM

Monday we heard that WNBC's Chuck Scarborough and KNBC's Paul Moyer, the Kent Brockman and Ron Burgundy of New York, were both potential buyout targets. And now loooooooongtime WNBC sports guy Len Berman—the guy who shows the bloopers!—is getting bought out: