Fox Camera Person Maybe Still Learning the Ropes

Lauri Apple · 10/22/11 11:12AM

Considering that Grand Rapids, Michigan is one of America's hotspots for slick production values, we're somewhat surprised by the poor panning work displayed in this Fox 17 Morning News excerpt. Hey Camera Person, you're supposed to train the camera on the lady who's talking about the gas lines or whatever, not the two anchors who are just sitting there in silence, clutching their mugs full of vodka Nescafe. For our amusement, anchorman Mike Avery responds to the mishap by making a bunch of exaggerated facial expressions that are not only fun to imitate but possibly indicative of a past career in silent movie acting.

Watch Steve Carell's Anchorman Audition Tape

Christopher Han · 11/08/10 04:12PM

Steve Carell's Brick Tamland (with an IQ of 48) killed in the 2004 classic Anchorman, stealing almost every scene he was in. This was before America was fully acquainted with Carell's dumb-guy-in-a-suit shtick, making this clip just that much better.

The 'Real' Ron Burgundy Passes Away

ian spiegelman · 06/28/08 12:49PM

From Cajun Boy's blog comes the news that journeyman local news anchor Ron Hunter-who is thought by some to be the inspiration for Ron Burgundy in Anchorman-has passed away at the age of 70. "In his long career, Ron Hunter anchored top rated local news desks in New Orleans, Miami, Buffalo, Philadelphia, and Chicago, where he shared the desk with the likes of Jane Pauley and Maury Povich." After jump, one of the late newsman's former colleagues remembers his ego-driven antics, er, fondly?