Courtney Love Tantrum Tale Was Lifted from Facebook

Maureen O'Connor · 05/15/10 02:49PM

Flying from London to New York, Peter Frank and boyfriend Michael Bailey witnessed two Courtney Love meltdowns. They wrote about it on their Facebook walls. Four days later, the Post's Cindy Adams ripped them off verbatim.

The 'Lindsay Lohan Has HIV' Twitter Scam That Fooled Everyone

Maureen O'Connor · 04/30/10 03:55PM

Three days ago, a widely-reported story emerged that Michael Lohan had posted to Twitter that Lindsay was HIV-positive. Michael said it was a hacker. Lindsay said it was her dad. Nobody realized that the hack itself was a fake.

An Investigation into Kate Hudson's Maybe-Fake Breasts

Maureen O'Connor · 04/23/10 03:34PM

A supermodel says she's "praying over Kate's boobs." Spencer Pratt says they're still too small. Everyone's got an opinion on Kate Hudson's boobs—but are they really fake? Or is she pregnant? An photographic investigation featuring celebrity witness testimony.