A Guide to Finding the G-Spot, Based Wholly On Songs About the G-Spot

Emma Carmichael · 04/26/12 03:32PM

Where is the G-spot? No one seems to know for sure, except for a gynecologist named Adam Ostrzenski, who examined a dead lady's vagina and found "grape-like clusters of erectile tissue" in a one-centimeter sac in between the fifth and the sixth layers of the dead lady's vaginal wall. This grape-like formation, Ostrzenski says, is the G-spot.

The Terrifying Body Worlds Mummy Heads of 19C Italy

Maureen O'Connor · 02/21/12 06:18PM

A group of forensic anthropologists have completed a meticulous analysis of a set of real human anatomy displays from 19C Italy. Using CT scans and other chemical analysis, the group determined that, some 200 years ago, anatomist Giovan Battista Rini "petrified" the corpses with a mercury and other heavy metals. He injected some tinctures and used others as baths. The eyes are fake. Basically, Rini was modern medicine's first "Body Worlds" guy.

Study Finds That Belly Buttons are Disgusting

Jeff Neumann · 07/05/11 04:15AM

We already know that belly buttons are gross. But now, thanks to a lengthy survey of human navels, we know that they're really gross. Not only do they hold lint and all sorts of other shit, but they're bacteria-filled pits of filth. Researchers from NC State University have analyzed 95 navel samples so far, which contained some 1,400 bacterial strains. Ugh. And, as The Washington Post notes:

The President Needs Pants That Fit Where the 'Nuts Hang'

Max Read · 01/17/11 08:45PM

Forty-seven years ago, President Lyndon B. Johnson needed pants. Pants that fit him better—as he put it—"where my nuts hang... back to my bunghole." Luckily, the phone call where he ordered those pants was recorded. For posterity.