Vladimir Putin's Picture Added to STD Warning

Jeff Neumann · 08/29/11 12:35AM

If there's one thing you do not mess with, in Russia, it's Vladimir Putin's image as an International Man of Sexiness. But that's what a group of anarchists in Siberia did by adding a picture of a sickly Putin, as well as President Dmitry Medvedev and several other politicians, to an ad about gonorrhea and other STDs that asks, "Do you need such companions?" This happened back in February but is still being investigated, which probably isn't a good sign for the alleged anarchists. Police arrested three men and conducted raids, where they found "extremist literature" and other anarchy-causing tools. If convicted, they could face seven years in a gulag for "hooliganism." If there is a bright side, at least they're already in Siberia.

How to Be Cool at the G-20: An Illustrated Guide

Maureen O'Connor · 06/28/10 06:10PM

The G-20 is when the world's economic leaders meet to talk trade. It's also prom to the international protest set. Anarchists, hippies, gutter punks: Everyone's invited, and it's your big chance to get photographed and get laid change the world.


Pareene · 11/28/07 12:03PM

From the mailbag: "There's a protest outside of the Goldman Sachs building on Broad Street....They are chanting and waving signs around... They apparently have a theme song too, they are all singing it. The Goldman security guards came out to shoo them off and are now standing around nervously." The revolution is at hand, America! Sacco and Vanzetti must not die! WALL STREET PROTEST MADNESS UPDATE: The protesters are apparently from the Northwest Bronx Community and Clergy Coalition and the New York City Anti-Predatory Lending Task Force and they're walking up and down Wall Street protesting everyone else now. They are singing a song, to the tune of Jingle Bells. The words to the song are unclear. Our source reports: "There's only about 20 of them. They have tiny signs!" Tiny signs of justice!