The Season of Media Job Changes Is Here (Autumn)

Hamilton Nolan · 09/15/11 01:05PM

In your workmanlike Thursday media column: Megan McCarthy to the NYO, Ana Marie Cox and Nick Davies to The Guardian, a new EP at ABC News, Jon Meacham to Time, and ruthless morning news bookers.

Iceland Ready to Rake in That Sweet Journalism Money

Hamilton Nolan · 02/11/10 01:31PM

In your explosive Thursday media column: Iceland's bad bet, the wienermobile is the future of journalism, more hard times at USA Today, Conde Nast would like to be the new Wonkette, and a scary scene at Fashion Week.

Twitter Slammed by Summer Doldrums

Ryan Tate · 07/31/09 01:12PM

Lately it seems like everyone on Twitter is dropping the ball. Too little chatter and too much "living" of "lives." So we ran a very scientific survey and discovered that, yes, basically everyone missed their numbers this month. The shamed: