Jennifer Lopez's Weird Date with Bradley Cooper

Maureen O'Connor · 09/12/11 10:28AM

J.Lo's love life takes a turn for the strange. (Or PR-planted.) Lindsay Lohan causes a fashion week near-riot. Clooney goes public with his female wrestler girlfriend. Terrence Howard's murderous voice message. Monday gossip manipulates the public.

Michael Jackson's Family Wanted to Smuggle Him to Bahrain

Max Read · 09/11/11 12:31PM

The Jacksons had an elaborate escape plan for if Michael had been convicted of child molestation. Amy Smart and Carter Oosterhouse get married. And Charlie Sheen gets roasted. Sunday gossip is getting a tattoo with its BFFs.

Ex-Boyfriend: JWOWW Put a Steak Knife Through My Arm

Maureen O'Connor · 04/22/11 10:39AM

JWOWW's ex says she attacked him with a steak knife and a fireplace poker. Beyonce wears stilettos at a Disney theme park. LeAnn Rimes is happy with her homewrecker marriage. Charlie Sheen gives to charity. It's time for TGIFriday gossip.

Happy Birthday

cityfile · 03/26/09 06:26AM

Fashion Week queen bee Fern Mallis turns 61 today. The legendary Diana Ross turns 65. Nancy Pelosi is 69. Keira Knightley is celebrating her 24th. Steven Tyler is 61. Curtis Sliwa turns 55. Michael Imperioli is 43. Journalist Bob Woodward turns 66. Author Erica Jong is 67. Martin Short is 59. James Caan is turning 69. Amy Smart is 33. Jennifer Grey is 49. Leeza Gibbons turns 52. Kenny Chesney is turning 41. NBC's Chris Hansen turns 50. Hedge fund manager William von Mueffling is 41. And Elaine Chao, the former Labor Secretary and current sister-in-law of Bruce Wasserstein, is 56 today.

Today in Comic-Con Hell: Rose McGowan Fellates Knife, Benicio Del Toro Stays Awake

STV · 07/25/08 05:25PM

As noted here yesterday, we missed the Fox PR Caravan to San Diego Comic-Con, but that shouldn't suggest we don't (or you shouldn't) care about the geek gangbang unfolding as we speak. To the contrary, we've actually managed to find a handful of highlights worth passing along, from Rose McGowan's overactive tongue to Benicio Del Toro's narcolepsy to an all-Lego Batman — and more! It's the next best thing to not being there, we promise! ·You'll never believe it, but Nikki Finke also stayed home, instead publishing dispatches by the New Times chain's resident nerd-hack Luke Y. Thompson. And what a run he's had, with his marathon Thursday bringing us hints at a Keanu Reeves love-in (we'll get to that) and the indelible image of Rose McGowan's Red Sonja knife-licking. She and Robert Rodriguez apparently remain a couple despite all kinds of fun rumors otherwise and, obviously, despite the worst movie poster to ever debut at Comic-Con. That said, hemogravy is hot with the ladies these days, so maybe we're the ones out of touch.·LYT draws praise, meanwhile, from David Poland, who also decided to crunch some numbers from the comfort of his own couch:

Amy Smart's Nipple Tape Only the Second Most Compelling Thing About 'Crank 2'

STV · 04/29/08 07:45PM

The Internet is celebrating Monday's first day of shooting on Crank 2: High Voltage the only way it really knows how: by circulating topless shots of co-star Amy Smart on location. Already knowing the plot (Jason Statham jams all over town to keep his artificial ticker above a lethal heart rate) and its general means of execution (public sex between Statham and Smart, for starters), we now have only the remaining mystery of how and exactly why Smart is bumming around the set with gaffer's tape on her nipples. After the jump, we think we may have discovered the root of her modesty.