Here Are the Best Famous People From Your Yearbooks

Leah Finnegan · 12/31/14 12:30PM

Wow! It is amazing how many Gawker readers went to middle and high school and have the yearbook photos to prove it. Thank you for sharing your celebrity yearbook photos with us, except for those of you who just posted the Wikipedia lists of famous people who went to your high school. That was really lame.

Amy Poehler Once Bombed a Date With John Stamos

Gabrielle Bluestone · 10/27/14 08:43PM

In a scene out of an anxiety dream or maybe a greek yogurt commercial, Amy Poehler once unwittingly went on a date, dressed in her Parks and Recreation wardrobe, with Handsome Guy Actor John Stamos.

Watch Billy Eichner Play "It's Not Pitbull, It's Amy Poehler"

Jay Hathaway · 04/22/14 10:45AM

Human exclamation point Billy "On The Street" Eichner is sprinting through New York again, helping another celebrity friend ambush and delight unsuspecting pedestrians. And this time, it's Pitbull! No, it's not Pitbull! It's Amy Poehler!

Maggie Lange · 06/11/13 03:48PM

Can we help Amy Poehler remember the name of that Judy Blume book with the sorta sex scene in it? I think she's probably too busy being thrilled that Hillary Clinton is on Twitter to look it up.

You Tell Us: Who Will Win Big at the Golden Globes

Robert Kessler · 01/13/13 03:06PM

The best thing about the Hollywood Foreign Press Association is they'll nominate anyone just to get all the cool celebrities to come to their super-fun party, the Golden Globes. Plus, since it's not like a regular awards show, it's a cool awards show, they let you drink, as long as you do it in the house.