2-Year-Old Amputee Learns to Walk, Refuses to Quit

Jay Hathaway · 07/08/14 11:55AM

2-year-old Kayden Elijah Kinckle was born with an omphalocele, a defect in his intestinal wall that caused his intestines and other organs to stick out through his navel. He also had "a band wrap around his legs and feet when he was in the womb," his mom writes, which led to the amputation of his right foot and left leg.

Fingerless Americans Point a Remaining Finger at Martha

cityfile · 04/02/09 12:37PM

It looks like Fox 5 reporter Arnold Diaz didn't get enough of Martha Stewart the last time he tracked her down. So he decided to go back for some more. This time she's on the hook for chopping people's fingers off thanks to the lounge chairs marketed under her name. We'd love to tell you more, but Arnie's report is proceeded by a big warning that the images are "extremely graphic," and we just ate, but please be our guest. [Fox 5]

Smoke And Have Your Fingers Hacked Off

Hamilton Nolan · 04/17/08 11:48AM

The City of New York has always run anti-smoking ads that are pretty great, in the sense that they're disgusting and make smokers jump up and change channels as quickly as possible. The city's newest campaign features "Marie," a 58 year-old who has smoked for 40 years, even as bits of her body were constantly being amputated because of her poor circulation [NY Sun]. This could backfire, though, because it just makes it easy to say "I'll stop after my first amputation." The ad is below—I particularly admire how they slipped in a picture of a bone saw. Something to think about on my smoke break.