You're Nobody Without a Rocket Ship

Hamilton Nolan · 10/18/11 03:44PM

Rocket starships! Robot wings! Radar X-ray! Huge amoebas! Gravity detector! Solar Himalaya! Nanoparticle assembly! Leader faces! And a solo-visaged octo-tentacled beast that will haunt your very nightmares! It's your Tuesday Science Watch, where we watch science—and beyond!

Deadly Brain-Eating Amoebas Are on the Loose

Brian Moylan · 08/18/11 01:33PM

Hypochondriacs stop reading now, because there is an outbreak of deadly brain-eating amoebas. OK, only three cases so far, but still, there is a scary parasite out there in lakes and ponds just waiting to eat out your brain like a little zombie. Not even neti pots are safe!