Fake Syrian Lesbian Tried to Get Book Deal

Max Read · 06/22/11 06:25PM

Say what you will about Tom MacMaster, the married American grad student who pretended to be a kidnapped Syrian lesbian on the internet—at least he started his horrible fake blog to create (as he put it) "an important voice for issues that I feel strongly about." Well, that, and to cash in on a memoir written from the point of view of his alter ego, which he was shopping around in May.

Lesbian Editor Who Published Fake Lesbian Blogger Also Fake

Max Read · 06/13/11 06:19PM

In the wake of yesterday's revelation that Syrian lesbian blogger Amina Arraf was actually married American grad student Tom MacMaster, another lesbian blogger—the editor who first gave "Arraf" her platform—admitted to being a married man in Ohio.

The Mystery of the Gay Girl in Damascus

Adrian Chen · 06/08/11 02:20PM

When a post appeared on blogger Amina Arraf's blog claiming she'd been kidnapped by armed gunmen, media around the world quickly picked up the dramatic story. But now questions are being raised about Arraf's identity. Does she even exist?