America's Ugliest Accent Is Boston, Pittsburgh, Scranton or Providence

Dayna Evans · 10/13/14 01:06PM

The fates—and our readers—have spoken. The semifinals for America's Ugliest Accent are here. Who's left? Two New England powerhouses, and two perennial contenders from the great state of Pennsylvania. Boston vs. Pittsburgh and Scranton vs. Providence: It's time to vote.

America's Ugliest Accent: Pittsburgh, Atlanta, Memphis, Philly

Dayna Evans · 10/01/14 12:05PM

It's that time again: voting in round one of America's Ugliest Accent Tournament is about to begin. We can now give you the results of our prior days' matchups, which may serve to inform where your loyalties lie in today's rounds of voting. Nevertheless, please remember that city pride is important when it comes to nominating the ugliest garbage-sounding mealymouth in America. Stay true to your school.

America's Ugliest Accent, Round One: Boston, Baltimore, L.A., Chicago

Dayna Evans · 09/29/14 01:30PM

If you're from Philadelphia, your preferred non-Yuengling beverage is wooder. If you're from New York City, your greatest enemies are the bridge-and-tunnel crowd from Lawng Island. If you're from Los Angeles, you respond to people who hop on the 405 at rush hour with a pained "Whyy-ee?"