America's Next Top Models Must Pay Their Subway Fares

Allie Jones · 02/25/16 01:00PM

The New York Daily News exclusively reports that former America’s Next Top Model contestant Andrea “Shei” Phan (Cycle 21: Guys & Girls) was arrested Tuesday after allegedly jumping the turnstile at the Canal St. J/Z stop. She spent the night in jail and was charged yesterday with theft of services and criminal trespass.

"Beard Weave" Is the Dumbest Thing Ever Done on ANTM, To a Human Face

Rich Juzwiak · 09/09/14 09:52AM

Before last night, it had been a while since I'd watched a full episode of America's Next Top Model (now in its 21st cycle). But then, a friend pinged me, as one might when a mutual former friend has gone over the top in a way that is predictable (the tendency to go over the top and exhaust me in the process is exactly why we aren't friends any more) yet wholly new.

America's Next Top Model's Meth-Addicted Alum, Jael Strauss, Agrees to Treatment

Rich Juzwiak · 09/13/12 05:25PM

Jael Strauss' episode of Dr. Phil aired today, and it was basically just an extended version of what we saw in the 30-second promo that went viral earlier this week. When she finally calmed down after fighting with her family and fleeing Dr. Phil's studio before she could even step onstage, she expressed embarrassment that her current life as a meth-using stripper was being discussed in front of a room full of people. And then Dr. Phil revealed more secrets about her (without explicitly stating them) and she got embarrassed all over again.

America's Next Top Model Winner CariDee English Describes How Sucky It Is To Win ANTM

Rich Juzwiak · 09/12/12 02:40PM

In case you missed it, the discussion section of yesterday's post about the upcoming episode of Dr. Phil featuring Jael Strauss, the former America's Next Top Model contestant who's hooked on meth, featured a post from CariDee English, winner of the show's 7th cycle. It's an interesting peek into the very specific situation of what it means to be a Tyra Banks-crowned "Top Model" in an actual industry of top models, and what happens when the platform you've been given disappears from under your feet. Highlights are below:

America's Next Top Model Alum Is Now the Face of Meth

Rich Juzwiak · 09/11/12 02:45PM

Jael Strauss placed sixth in Cycle 8 of America's Next Top Model, but with her days of smizing long behind her, she seems to have developed a meth habit. On Thursday's episode of Dr. Phil, she'll receive an intervention. Perhaps Dr. Phil will even yell at her like he's never yelled at a girl before.

Here Are America's Next Top Insane Quotes from Tyra Banks' Hollywood Reporter Interview

Caity Weaver · 08/24/12 02:55PM

Forehead Tyra Banks recently sat down with The Hollywood Reporter to discuss Cycle 19 of America's Next Top Model (all the judges and mentors you love—Nigel, Jay, and Miss J—have been fired and replaced with sandbags with frowny faces drawn on them), her hopes for the show's future (it's been moved to Fridays at 8 p.m., so: none), and what it's like being literally the most respected and best person in America.

How America's Next Top Model Is Like Game of Thrones

Rich Juzwiak · 04/19/12 08:43AM

Watching America's Next Top Model (now in its 18th cycle) is like visiting a dying friend that I don't even like that much anymore. ("Your wheezing is giving me a headache.") The show's ratings are down, and watching it last night, it was easy to see why: In obsessing over and reiterating its own nonsense jargon, ANTM has become inaccessible to anyone who might casually drop by and excruciatingly irritating to anyone still tuning in. By frequently calling upon terms no one would ever use outside the show like "smize," "tooch" and "fiercely real," this show has painted itself into a wall. What was once a joke is now an inside joke.

'America's Next Top Model' Now a Perfume Sold at Target

Maureen O'Connor · 10/28/11 12:59PM

It is perfectly appropriate that, once a brand or person becomes sufficiently ubiquitous, manufacturers turn them into intangible clouds of scent, to permeate the very air we breathe. The latest edition: America's Next Top Model perfume, which will be sold at Target.

The Ominous Return of Dane Cook

Richard Lawson · 09/28/11 04:22PM

America's number one shirtless comedian is headed to the small screen. Also today: Good news for a Lost actress, good news for a lost actor, bad news for CAA, and challenging news for Mel Gibson.

Can We Stop the Reality Show All-Star Cast Trend?

Brian Moylan · 08/08/11 02:33PM

Lifetime announced today that it plans to air Project Runway All Stars, a spin-off series with all new judges and 13 of our "favorite" contestants returning to compete again. Naturally, the idea made me a little bit excited, but then I realized, why do we need to watch these losers again?

Superman Returns, Again

Richard Lawson · 08/04/11 04:47PM

A new photo of the caped crusader dark knight whatever Superman is called has been released! Also today: Sarah Michelle Gellar gets soapy, America's Next Top Modelgets nostalgic, and heaven has found an angel.