Today We Honor Columbus, An Inspiration to Cruel Half-Wits Everywhere

Ken Layne · 10/14/13 09:42AM

For centuries after his accidental discovery of the Bahamas, Christopher Columbus was a true hero of history. But then the alternative histories were published, and the colonization of the New World was revealed to be a nightmare of atrocity and terror. Still, we can learn something from this stubborn idiot who insisted until the day he died that Cuba was part of Asia.

Neil Patrick Harris Is (Almost) a Smurf

Adrian Chen · 03/04/10 01:50AM

NPH stars in The Smurfs movie. Rachel McAdams is in the new Woody Allen movie. A woman adapts her own divorce story. De Niro: De Starring opposite Bradley Cooper. The days are growing longer. The Roundup's length is variable.