A Lexicon of Contemporary Vulgarities

Pareene · 02/14/08 05:12PM

Emasculating insults! Swears on television! Schoolyard name-calling! Everyone's doing it these days! But why? What does it mean? Who do we blame? Was it the queers who killed civility? Or is everyone just being a pussy? LET'S INVESTIGATE!


Pareene · 01/28/08 02:21PM

"According to the Salisbury Post, Judge Kevin Eddinger wrote in the contempt order that he saw attorney Todd Paris reading a Maxim magazine with a topless woman on the cover in Rowan County District Court." [WSOC]

Too Blue

Nick Denton · 01/25/08 08:03PM

ABC stations are to be fined $1.4m for airing a scene from NYPD Blue in primetime, some five years ago. The offense: an actress showed a "small portion of one side of her breasts". Heinous.