Choire · 10/29/07 11:30AM

Hot reporting from the American Magazine Conference down in Boca from the Huffington Post: "The evening was mostly off the record." Oh boy. But! HuffPo's Rachel Sklar had dinner next to Dan Rather. "Here's what we can tell you: He stands every time a lady leaves and/or returns to the table (courtly!) and he did not discuss his pending legal case (er, other kind of courtly). We did discuss Howie Kurtz's book ('You're in it!' I said brightly, and helpfully) which he said he had not read (he also said other stuff!)." Mmm, other stuff. [HuffPo]

Choire · 10/29/07 11:00AM

New York mag editor Adam Moss is the Lord God King Of All Magazines, says the American Magazine Conference. Or at least he is the "Ad Age editor of the year." (And at a time when the editing is getting significantly less skillful at his magazine—though the packaging is increasingly stupendously good!) Also Conde Nast was named the "publishing company of the year." Those crazy young upstarts! [NYP]