Here's the Gay Coming Out That The X Factor Didn't Air

Rich Juzwiak · 09/14/12 11:45AM

As previously mentioned, an aspiring X Factor contestant who didn't make it through the first round of auditions alleged that he was "bullied" into admitting that he was gay on the show. Don Philip, who sang with Britney Spears on her debut album, said he was "set up" to reveal his homosexuality onstage based on a pre-audition reveal and had subsequent thoughts of suicide.

Louis Peitzman · 08/25/12 09:57AM

American Idol couldn't lure Katy Perry with $20 million, and now Mariah Carey knows she's worth less than Katy.

Mariah Carey Is Indeed Your New American Idol Judge

Rich Juzwiak · 07/23/12 02:35PM

It is a beautiful day for gay men and all people who love ridiculousness. TVbytheNumbers reports: "Fox entertainment chief Kevin Reilly announced at the network's TCA session that Mariah Carey has officially signed on to judge the upcoming season of American Idol." Mariah Carey being forced to say many words on live-ish television is only a good thing for pop culture. You know how she gets.

Oh God Jennifer Holliday What Are You Doing

Rich Juzwiak · 05/24/12 11:58AM

American Idol crowned its winner last night, blahblahblahwhocare...Did you see the faces Jennifer Holliday was making as she sang her signature song, Dreamgirls' "And I Am Not Telling You I'm Not Going," with eventual first-runner-up Jessica Sanchez? The diva sounded great but looked like she was biting through air sinew. Was she always this facey? A cursory YouTube check suggests yes. Well, Jennifer Holliday, welcome to the era of animated gifs. Enjoy your stay.

The Golden Age of American Idol Is Over

Brian Moylan · 01/20/12 04:48PM

The ratings are in for America Idol's two-part premiere this week and the numbers aren't good. It's average ratings among 18-44 year-olds (the only people the universe cares about) dropped 44% from two years ago. Yeah, that's almost half.

Friday Night Lights Is Not Dead

Richard Lawson · 10/06/11 04:52PM

Yes, our beloved football friends may yet live. Also today: good news for an American Horror Story, bad news for an American idol, and James Bond has a new title.

The X Factor: American Idiots

Richard Lawson · 09/22/11 12:14PM

Last night Fox unveiled its latest brilliant, innovative idea: A vote-based singing competition judged by Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell. Who are the TV wizards who come up with these ideas??

What's Going On With Simon Cowell's Face?

Max Read · 09/17/11 03:55PM

We don't mean to be rude, but: who is this guy on The X Factor "world premiere screening" red carpet? And what has he done with Simon Cowell?

Which Singer Has a Problem with Acne Scars?

Brian Moylan · 09/08/11 09:57AM

This former American Idol hates his complexion. This supposedly sober famous father was drinking again, and a race car driver and a pro wrestler are having an affair. Wow, that last one is really going to rock a certain segment of the population.

You Will Never Escape Sex and the City

Richard Lawson · 08/17/11 04:59PM

You thought you were done with Carrie B. and her shoe-loving ways, but you are not. Also today: J.Lo is officially in, ABC is maybe out, Sarah Silverman is in-demand, and Katy Perry is the best at being the worst.