Here Are the Gross Horny Texts Dov "Bad Daddy" Charney Sent to Employees

Gabrielle Bluestone · 06/23/15 05:57PM

Imagine getting a text that reads, “Your ass in that photo is the perfect cum target.” Now imagine that text came from your boss. Now imagine your boss is notorious creep and founder of American Apparel Dov Charney. Now imagine this: dozens of women say they had to deal with that on a daily basis.

Twenty Days of Harassment and Racism as an American Apparel Employee

Jane Doe · 09/02/14 01:00PM

When I graduated college I moved to a new city and wanted a low-stress job that would allow me time to focus on creative projects. I knew people who had worked for American Apparel in the past, both in sales and at the LA headquarters, so I decided to interview for a part-time position.

All the Reasons American Apparel Booted Dov Charney

Aleksander Chan · 06/22/14 06:26PM

Ousted American Apparel founder and jaunty dick-swinger Dov Charney, as anyone would expect, is mounting a lawsuit against the board of directors who terminated him from his position as chairman. The American Apparel board terminated Charney "with cause" last week, and according to the letter they sent him ahead of his firing, Dov Charney is (surprise!) an expensive problem for a struggling clothing company to have.

American Apparel Employee Killed by Knitting Machine

Seth Abramovitch · 08/21/11 08:39PM

A 49-year-old man employed at an American Apparel factory in Garden Grove, California, was "crushed by a circular knitting machine," according to a report on the Orange County coroner's website.

The Legend of Dov's Dong

Adrian Chen · 05/24/11 12:29PM

It's no secret that American Apparel founder Dov Charney can't keep it in his pants. He apparently can't keep it in his computer, either. Long ago, American Apparel experienced a gross security breach that is now the stuff of office legend.

An Annotated Guide to Dov Charney's Desktop and 'Good Hookers'

Maureen O'Connor · 05/10/11 04:08PM

During a web conference with American Apparel store managers today (topic: "store summer-ization and shitty sales in the Midwest") Dov Charney opened the browser on his personal computer. One participant took a screengrab and sent it to us. Above, an annotated guide to Dov Charney's desktop, featuring the following:

Dov Charney Sued Again, Purely for Being Sleazy

Hamilton Nolan · 04/28/11 11:32AM

Last month, pervy American Apparel CEO Dov Charney was sued by (first one, then several more) former employees for alleged sexual harassment. As the media war over Dov's reputation raged, new facts came to light —incriminating texts, emails, and photos from his accusers—that made it seem that Dov might actually be innocent this time. But of course, Dov couldn't leave well enough alone.

Dov Charney Gets His Bailout

Hamilton Nolan · 04/22/11 08:25AM

Teetering teenage titty tableau titillator American Apparel has been wrestling this week with the question of how to get millions of dollars to keep itself alive while still being run by Dov Charney, a crazy person. They've done it! How? They found the minute handful of people in North America who A) have millions of dollars to invest, and B) do not think Dov Charney is a crazy person. What are the chances?

Which Is Worse: Bankruptcy, or Dov Charney?

Hamilton Nolan · 04/20/11 09:17AM

Fashion pimp of trendy hose American Apparel is in mortal financial peril at the moment; it needs an infusion of cash to stave off a possible bankruptcy. Investors have the cash, and the interest in the brand; what they don't have, in all likelihood, is an interest in handing a huge pile of cash over to the sole control of Dov Charney, who—despite his unshakeable confidence in himself—is the one who got the company in this situation in the first place.