Americans Wearing Flip Flops Cower in Fear of Math Terrorists on Planes

Melissa Cronin · 05/07/16 11:23AM

“Wherever there is number, there is beauty,” wrote the Byzantine philospher Proclus Diadochus in the 5th century, unaware how very wrong he was. According to the average plane-riding American, mathematics is now nothing but the Satanical scripture of olive-skinned terrorists.

American Airlines Pilots Are Really Sick

Taylor Berman · 09/19/12 08:23PM

Or they're malingering strikers. Either way, American Airlines is canceling 300 flights this week due to pilots calling in sick. There's also been a sharp increase in flight crews filing maintenance paper work, which has caused further flight cancelations. It seems as though the pilots are striking because of an unfavorable deal their union, the Allied Pilots Association, reached with American Airlines management. The new deal calls for more flying hours while rejecting equity or pension contributions for the pilots. But union officials deny any sort of organized action.

The FAA Is Rubbing Alec Baldwin's Face In It

Ryan Tate · 12/13/11 05:40PM

Thrown off a plane. Subject to a proposed boycott. And now this, a final humiliating insult to Alec Baldwin, for playing an iOS app when he shouldn't have: The Federal Aviation Administration says the actor's airline nemeses can use iPads in flight, even while prohibiting Baldwin from doing the same thing.

Alec Baldwin Slams Airplane iPhone Rules

Ryan Tate · 12/07/11 09:36PM

Alec Baldwin may not be running for office, but he may yet affect policy decisions, God help us. The comically volcanic actor is now explaining at length his ejection from an American Airlines flight, and throwing in his lot with the nerds trying to liberate gadgets from aviation regulations: He blames his removal, in part, on "questionable guidelines" governing devices like his iPhone.

Which Airline Is Most Fascist About Inflight Electronics?

Adrian Chen · 12/07/11 04:03PM

Alec Baldwin was kicked off his American Airlines flight yesterday for playing an iPhone game, (or throwing a big baby temper tantrum, depending on who you ask). This had us wondering, which airlines are strictest about enforcing their dumb inflight electronics rules?