C-Span Caller Is So Sick of Black People

Pareene · 03/29/10 11:34AM

This C-Span caller is upset with how many black people keep calling into C-Span. But he has a helpful suggestion: "you should change your name from C-Span to black-span." The C-Span call-in host guy has a terrible job. [Via]

A Gay Liberal New York Jew Rests Easy

Pareene · 01/09/08 11:12AM

Videographer Alex Goldberg's roommate-harassing (in the name of science!) continues. Last week, we watched Alex's poor roommate respond with violent gay rage to Mike Huckabee's Iowa win. But in New Hampshire, Huckabee vied for third with the rest of the losers (except for losers John McCain and Mitt Romney, who came in first and second, respectively), and everyone's favorite roommate slept like a child awaiting Santa. Except Jewish. [Previously]

A gay liberal New York Jew's response to the Iowa caucuses

Pareene · 01/04/08 09:25AM

Just in case you get all your breaking national news from Gawker, former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee—preacher, used to be fat, from a town called Hope, nutty super-Christian—won the Iowa caucuses. How should you feel about this? Videographer Alex Goldberg secretly videotaped his liberal (and Jewish and gay) roommate's reaction to Huckabee's victory last night. Let it serve as a surrogate reaction for all of us.