Saw and Antichrist to Terrorize Weekend Moviegoers

Richard Rushfield · 10/23/09 02:15PM

It's Halloween season at the multi-plex; which means that if today's brand of torture-centric "thrills" is not your cup of tea, cinema offers few reasons not to stay in your house and barricade the doors.

For Your Consideration! October Oscar Movies

Richard Lawson · 07/21/09 12:05PM

As lazy August gnaws at our edges, we can start expecting at least one thing: Autumn Oscar-candidate trailers. We've got two for you today! There's the much-ballyhooed An Education, a stuffy British trifle, and Amelia, a string-tugging biopic.

Hilary Swank Cleverly Ensures Third Oscar Win By Revisiting Her 'Boys Don't Cry' Haircut

Molly Friedman · 06/27/08 04:10PM

Last November, the currently off-the-radar Hilary Swank appeared on Oprah and proved just how much holier she is than drug-addled Swank’d victim Chad Lowe by cutting off nine inches of her hair for cancer research. Claiming she’d “been growing her locks long so she could donate them to a cancer sufferer, ‘knowing that it would go to a woman in need,’” Swank’s return to the short hair style that won her an Oscar was clearly a charitable and warm-hearted gesture. But after seeing these photos of Swank taken over the weekend, in which the Oprah-styled chin-grazing look has been replaced by a very Brandon Teena-like cropped cut, we realized the sacrificial gesture will also benefit another worthy cause: the Hilary Swank Oscar-Baiting Campaign! How Swank is saving both cancer victims and her career, plus a closer look at her return to he-she hair, after the jump.