What Is Jon Huntsman Doing at This Chinese Revolution?

Jim Newell · 02/24/11 01:01PM

Here's a clip from China's "Jasmine Revolution" protests on Sunday in Beijing, where a smiling U.S. Ambassador (and possible presidential candidate) Jon Hunstman walks into the middle of the crowd! He tells the cameraman that he's just there "to look around," and he then leaves. The video (with its hilarious soundtrack) was posted on the Chinese nationalist site M4 along with this breathless warning about U.S. meddling:

Obama's Chinese Ambassador May Run Against the Boss

Jim Newell · 01/31/11 12:33PM

How would raging Tea Party Republican primary voters react to a presidential candidate who works for Barack Obama, the worst human in history? "Coldly," one might think. But Obama's ambassador to China, Republican Jon Huntsman, is going to try anyway.