Why the Large-Format Kindle Is Not a Life Raft for Newspapers

Owen Thomas · 05/04/09 10:54AM

Terminal patients often suffer colorful delusions. But none is as cruel as the fantasy has kindled among dying ink-stained wretches, who believe a magical electronic reading device will cure what ails magazines and newspapers.

These Books Too Gay for Amazon

Ryan Tate · 04/12/09 04:18PM

(UPDATED) As if it wasn't hellacious enough working customer support for on Easter, the online book store's reps must now explain why gay romances (and other books) are too "adult" to rank.

Wacky Discovery Founder Sues over Kindle

Owen Thomas · 03/18/09 12:26PM

Discovery Communications, the owner of cable channels like FitTV and Animal Planet, is suing, maker of the Kindle, over an electronic-books patent taken out by its founder and CEO, John Hendricks, years ago.

Hearst's E-Reader: The Last Stand of a Doomed Industry

Owen Thomas · 02/27/09 01:15PM

Dear media companies: Please stop trying to innovate. You're lousy at it. Hearst's supposed "Kindle killer," an electronic reader for magazines, is just the latest in a series of debacles from the moribund print-media business.

The Revenge of's 'Chuckling Maniac'

Owen Thomas · 02/24/09 02:00AM

Jeff Bezos turned up on the Daily Show couch to promote's newest Kindle e-book reader. And as this clip shows, he laughed, and laughed, and laughed. Why wouldn't he?'s holiday sweatshop horror

Owen Thomas · 12/15/08 09:00PM

Freshly laid off? Things could be worse — like, for example, if you were working as a temporary employee at an Amazon warehouse.